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and more on Ubuntu …..

I was interested in seeing what was being said on Google’s News Search concerning Ubuntu.

I found that on April 26th, there was a security notice concerning 6.06, 6.10 and 7.04. ( I had better make sure I have all that upgraded on my machine)

Here is a nice write up on Ubuntu at and an even better post at Information Week with some great comments as well.

All in all, I am beginning to read more and more that people are jumping ship from the SS Microsoft. I have to say that even with all the small problems I have had ( and more than likely created myself) and all the reading I have had to do, using Ubuntu is the best thing I have ever done, concerning Computers.

Now, I hope I made my ISO of Edgy correctly, and tomorrow we will see if it takes 🙂

How I have been doing with Ubuntu

Today, I was able to get Enlightenment to work on my PC! I feel so great when I write some code into my terminal and it actually works, now I am still being patient because as bad as I want to get Beryl working on here, I know how it does not work on Dapper. I just have to wait for those disks to get here * I wonder, how long will it really take?*

I just need to find a tutorial or help file that will show me how to install more themes into Enlightenment, as the three I have now, while nice, are not what I am looking for. My next level to jump to is getting Blackbox on here. I had it on windows, used it exclusively and love it alot. I just don’t think it has transparent windows, which is what my ultimate goal is.

I love how much faster my computer is now as well, except that in Dapper the Firefox just crawls. I have a 6Mb broadband line, and 2 MB of ram, my computer should scream along at all times.

In other news from my part of the world, I have been banging my head against a brick wall concerning monetizing my blogs on Blopspot. I have Kontera, textlinks, Google Adsense; and yet I don’t seem to get the special *thing* that makes one’s blog reader numbers jump through the roof.

I also have a project that I am working on that I need to work getting finalized by the end of this month beginning of next.

It has been a bumpy ride with Ubuntu ( but I still love it)

I have not been here to post for a few days because in my infinite wisdom, I tried to upgrade from Ubuntu Dapper to Edgy Eft, then upgraded again to Feisty Fawn and then I tried to hook up Beryl. Well, this went on for two whole days before I got the memo, things were not working right. In Feisty, everything seemed well, and before I had a chance to get Beryl on it , I rebooted my system and then my internet was gone!

I think that it was the fact that I downloaded the two upgrades instead of patiently waiting for the disks. Now, I have Dapper working well, and I will leave it as it is until the disks for both upgrades come. I ordered Edgy on the 13th and it shipped the 14th, tho I hear that it can be a few weeks before I see it. Not a problem.

Now, if I could only find a guide that will walk me through getting Beryl on this machine after I  use the disks. I have used the forum but there are so many people with so many different situations that they are using Beryl in, that I am not sure which applies to me.

I see that my graphics card will work, but I am unsure of whether I am supposed to get a different driver ( I have an ATI Radeon 7000/Ve) When I use the terminal I see that I do have 3D rendering, so if anyone has a clue whether I can just download Beryl and use it without further drivers, I would love to hear about it.

I really only want to have the transparent windows that Berly offers, so this is important to me. Hope that I can figure out what to do.

Ubuntu is on – now how to set up Beryl

I have Ubuntu on here, like it so far, intimidating  with the way I have to load the files, so that is next to learn.

Prayers for the families of VA Tech

Before I get into my post , I just want to be on the record here – I send my prayers to the families of all the victims of yesterdays events, including the assailants family. Let’s not forget that he had a family who loved him, and still do. Mental Illness is a terrible thing for a family to deal with, let alone the tragic events that took place yesterday.  His parents and siblings need our support as much as the families of the victims. Please, when you say your prayers for the families, remember his as well.
God Loves Us All, please let us remember that and please let that be the last time we ever have to see this again.

Now for my intended post on Ubuntu:

Well, now we are talking. My disks got here in today’s mail ( sorry about the snide comments yesterday USPS) so, now as soon as my husband gets here to put my graphics card back in, I will do a dry run *booting from the disk* to make sure that all my hardware works. I have been told it will, but as you can understand, after this Vista fiasco, I have to be totally sure.

If all goes well, I will be online tomorrow with all my stuff off Windows Vista and on to Ubuntu.

By the way, I love the meaning of the word ‘Ubuntu’ –

“Ubuntu is an African word meaning ‘Humanity to others’, or ‘I am what I am because of who we all are’. The Ubuntu distribution brings the spirit of Ubuntu to the software world.”

That explanation of the word comes from the website for Ubuntu, which you can check out by clicking the link on the name Ubuntu.

After the events of yesterday, I think we all need to sit back and try living that word a whole bunch more.

Ubuntu update –

Well, there is bad news and good news in this quest to be rid of Windows, seems that the United States Postal Service has it out for me ( ok, too dramatic eh?, I thought so too but this is how it feels to me damn it!) and they did NOT deliver my Disks to me today as was expected. Good news is that I was told over at the forum for Ubuntu that my Radeon 7000 will work ! This fact will get me over the lack of service from USPS, sort of. 🙂

I have been watching the Youtube videos on Ubuntu and they are amazing! This is going to be a wild ride.

Talk to you tomorrow, hopefully from a system that is free of the Microslave ball and chain.

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