Larry Birkhead and Baby arrive here in Kentucky ( and other stuff)

Now, I had thought that I had heard every single thing I could about the whole Anna situation, more than I needed or wanted to for that matter. Not so… when I went to my local NBC station today to check on information about the Derby, what do I see? Larry Birkhead and baby arrive in, of all places; Kentucky! I had never ever heard he had family here, I suppose I could have missed that somehow, but I doubt it. Now, I read that Larry is a native Kentucky, whose kin are from the Louisville area. So there is my states little connection to this whole story, and according to a story on todays news page at WLEX TV, we may be seeing more from this as a publicist for Access Hollywood is reported as stating that Access Hollywood is promoting the “planned coverage of a family reunion in Kentucky”.

I can tell you one thing, being involved with a family story, one that has ‘camps’ ( you know, the I hate you camp vs the I love you camp) is hard, very very hard. I hope for this babies sake, that if Larry does decide to stay here in Kentucky he has her in as normal a situation as possible for her growing years. Kids do not grow well when involved in emotionally charged situations, trust me. Mistakes can be made without your even trying to make them, even if your intentions are the best in the world. And any mistakes he makes with her, he will have a very hard time facing down as far as the I hate you campers are concerned.

In other nifty news, our Illustrious President did indeed keep his word, he vetoed the bill to bring the soldiers home. I think its funny actually, because the Congress wasted all their time, my time, your time with making this “fake” bill, knowing full well that HE would veto it, and now they will set about writing the “real” bill.

Why do we allow Congress to get away with this crude? I could care less about “this is how its done” thinking, because that needs to be changed.

What is the rate of pay for a Congressman anyway? Well, its $165,200 per Congressman and the same amount for a Senator. Can someone, anyone please tell me what the heck they do that qualifies that much money? I see  someone who is put through living in a beautiful house in Washington DC, with a car and driver, wonderful food that they don’t have to pay for, needing to be compensated so extravagantly, as a matter of fact I feel so bad for them I should send a card of condolence. NOT! *Sorry to all the Borat fans for using his line*

Okay, lets try to equate this for me, because I am basically slow about these things. I tend to see only black and white.

If I am a Congressman from say, oh…. Kentucky; where the job rate is at almost a zero level (unless you are a immigrant worker) and my folks in a poor county ( like say, Rockcastle) are trying to live on 5.15 cents an hour, I would feel good about accepting 165,200 to represent those same poor people;  I really would.

I am just confused, so if someone with more economic and political understanding can, please explain this to me. In 1776. they made a whopping 6.00! Now, I am not asking for them to live on that, I know how that feels., but I do think if they are ‘representing me and my fellow poor countians” they should have to live like I do, in order to represent me in honesty.

Congress has given itself slightly over .65% pay raise from 1990 until now; going from $96,600.00 per year to 165,200.00 in 2007. Excuse me?

Where is the cost of living raise for the American worker? That bill is stuffed on some shelf somewhere gathering dust, as it was always meant to do. Not one of those Congressman ever intended to get anyone a pay raise, other than for themselves.

What a study this would make, look at each Congressman’s district and see how his living stacks up against the very people who voted him/her in.