WordPress gives us click stats.

The guys ( and girls) at WordPress are angels, they keep giving such neat and useful toys to use. Now we can see who has been clicking what links from our blogs! I like that, as it shows me what the readers are coming for, and what catches their attention. Will this make me blog more on these topics? Maybe, maybe not; what it will do is make me pay more attention to what I link to and post about. I had originally though that trippin would be a place where I could be my own person so to speak, like the famous line says…”I vant to be alone” kind of attitude. As I got into blogs more, I saw that I was really seeking a way to connect to others.

As I have heard many many times, the internet is a place where folks can hide, hide who they are and what they really think. I think I am actually my most honest here, strange.

Anywho, enjoy the new toy from WordPress, its a dandy!


Houston, we have SNAP !

Yes, I found a template that has snap on it, I love that little program, it is so cool , yup I said cool…. and I like the word. I am sitting here blogging simply to keep my mind off the fact that my son is at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport

* there is ice and snow there right now* and is coming home sometime tonight.

I am bouncing back and forth between here and the American Airlines website , keeping watch over the flight LOL. I normally do not surf so late 🙂 so if I sound loopy its cause I am loopy. Anyway, thanks to WordPress for putting snap in this and some of the other templates, now if they could maybe get a nice brown and beige template that would be ever so nice *hint hint*