Jane Wyatt gone but never forgotten.

I am old enough to really remember watching Jane Wyatt on television. I recall that she was a Mom, what I always thought was the way a Mom was supposed to be. Today, sadly Jane Wyatt died , peacefully at her home. She was 96, and has a resume that would make one think she never rested during her long and lovely life. While I was at the CNN website on the article , I was surprised to read that once, she was asked by President Rososevelt to host the Bolshoi Ballet while in the US to do a show, and that this later earned her blacklisting from the crowd under the wing of Senator McCarthy and his Un-American Activities Committee during the 1950’s. Kind of makes me think about what we are slowly evovling into now, with the new laws being inacted by the current president and company. Can this ever happen again? Yes, sadly it can, and may be, right under our very noses.

Jane Wyatt was on a show about an American Family, one that I had always thought was the end all be all, for family life. I had always wanted that, not that my own family was anyless loving or took bad care of me. They were wonderful and all a family should be, and still are. I just mean that, it was a sense of peace and happiness one got when watching her on that show. I think it is a shame that now, we don’t have that peace filled family life, we are too busy, too busy working, and running, and and and…

Rest in peace Jane, we will miss you, but you had a wonderful life, and left some of us with some absolutly wonderful memories, thank you.