Happiness is ….. Turning 40 something

Taxes and birthdays, each year in April both of these events occur.

Two Birthdays occur in April that are important to me, mine and my sons. We are one week apart exactly, so that is pretty neat. What is not so neat is that this year, my son is in his 20’s and I am in my 40’s. I hear from everyone that either these years will make my mind come to a grinding halt, or I will revel in the newness of being this age.

I love being this age for somethings tho, I have been able to let go alot of the useless baggage that goes along with being in your 20’s and 30’s. I started college when I was 36, so I think that had a lot to do with my change in mental state ( mostly because the grueling hours of study left me no time to obsess on my climbing the aging ladder).

I like that I have a clearer perspective on what is and is not important, for instance being without every new this and that is not as heart breaking as when I younger, waiting is less painful now. And when some person does something to hurt me I am more apt now to think about why, instead of how to get revenge * well, I am working on it, still  have some glitches to work out 🙂 * My children are my source of happiness now, as well as being the biggest pain in my butt , but that is what makes my life so fun.

When I was in my younger years, things had importance. Now, it is land and memories. I am more willing to sacrifice to have what I really want, and more inclined to think through all I think I want before making a commitment to it. Land, that is a biggie with me, I had no idea when I was in my 30s that one day, the place I left would become so important, so much a part of my heart. I took my home for granted in so many ways, I certainly hope that the saying, -you cant go home again –  is not true, as that is my main goal now; getting back home.

I see more clearly that people are for the most part really cool, some have baggage of their own that is just interfering with heir brain processes, but will be worked out in a few more years.  And most people don’t want to hurt us, they mostly are not even aware that they do. Its not that they are selfish, its just that they are rushing into their owns lives, and have not stopped to look at us.

That sounds pompous and I don’t mean for it to, I simply have no other way to say that. I used to not like people very much, no, that is not true, I was hurt too much and did not want to trust anyone. You know the old saying, it takes two to tango, well it really does. I always sat back and  let others do and say, with no input from me. I partake of my own life now.

Being 40 something is neat, because you get to slow down, you are allowed to really think about what you like, what you want out of your life. Perspective. And you really want to know others, what makes them who they are, what they are like for real.

This years birthday for me will be one of lots of happy memories. Some memories were not so happy when they were happening, but now I see that they were building me into who I am now and I like me.

So, to  my son who is so far away, I love you and miss you tons. Happy Birthday Stephen 🙂

And to every one else who has an April birthday, Salutations, its going to be a great year for us all!

Being in your 40’s is wonderful, so far 🙂