How interesting is this?

Yesterday evening, as I was pouring over my emails, I saw a address with the .gov on it, and immediately thought, oh no, what have i done to gain the .gov email? Silly me, it was not the IRS or department of something or other, as I had feared ( I am a bit fearful of .govs as they never seem to bode well for other folks i know 🙂 Instead , it was from the Office of the Governor of the great state of CA! Imagine my surprise, I had written an email some two weeks or so ago to the Governor, but really had not expected to hear back. This email asked that I submit more information to them concerning my Child Support case to the office in writing, yes….. i have to do it the old fashioned way, on actual paper with an actual pen. Not a problem, just have to get a refresher course on how, no only kidding.

I will post more on this subject after I have written the letter, and who knows…. maybe this is a turning point in this whole disaster.



Today, I am seeing how hard it is to sell a car, I put my 1997 Jetta up for sale last night. Posted pics and what have you on a few online places like Craiges list, and some autoplace online, had two calls within a few hours. But then these folks , who have already seen interior and exterior pics, still want me to explain everything. I get that, but then on top of it, they want me to drive it up to a city that is almost 50 miles away.

crazy, selling cars is strange.

Teleportation….. Star Trek lives!

Wow, running on CNNs science page is a report about how Scientists have teleported two different objects! This is beyong cool. If you would like to read the original article online, please go to the CNN link in the side bar.

Its beginning to look like fall here…..

It is finally looking like fall here, I love the Fall. Wish it would stay either fall, or winter for ever. Well, i guess that would get boring . I just feel more protected during the fall and winter, must be from my childhood memories, it seemed that during the fall and winter I got to see my grandma and uncles and aunts more.

Oh well, its fall anyway, so I plan on trying to enjoy it. The trees are finally putting on some color, not as nice as in New England where i was born, but still nice to see. I will link to some pictures I am putting on my flikr site soon.

Return to Everlong posts and links were moved


I have moved the posts and links concerning the Screenplay Return to Everlong, and posted them on the new WordPress blog, which can be found at

I will be changing the links at the yahoo groups to reflect this change as well.

Link added

Ok, I figured out (thanks to the wonderful help guides here at wordpress 🙂 how to add the link to the blog I mentioned. I hope that others will read this article and add their comments, as I am trying to learn as much as I can about this subject. I and others like me, need guidance more than ever.

what i hope this blog will do……

What do most people expect when they put up a blog? I am not sure, however I do know what I hope will happen with this blog. I very much hope that it will help me to either deal with not being where I so long to be, or it helps me “get” to where I wish to be. Where do I want to be now, this minute? Home. Where is home? Santa Cruz, CA.

I am hoping that this blog will help me get there, honestly. I am not sure how yet, but I keep hearing how the net makes all things possible, and so I hold on to my hope like a drowning man clings to a life preserver. Are there any others out there in the world, who are for what ever reason cutoff from their homes, from where they most desire to be? I hope I hear from you , if your out there. I hope I hear from those who have been exiled for what ever reason, from the place that makes them most happy; and have made it back home. Let me hear from anyone , if you have any ideas or suggestions. Or just have a means to cope with what seems to be an insurmountable obstacle to me.

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