Ever get wind of something big, before its a hit?

Okay, so despite the fact that this was my Saturday morning, a day when I can laze around until 7 am, and not be up at 4 am like normal I got up early anyway. Its a hard habit to break, that being up at 4 am.

So as I as looking over my RSS feeds on my Google homepage, I saw one that grabbed my attention on JohnChowDotCom

Find a Job and Make Money with IPSO Jobs

Now, I normally miss all the great info and posts John puts up early, and as they say the early bird does indeed get the worm. Today, this girl got the worm!

I went right to the main site for IPSO Jobs, and registered ( free of course) and got myself the Lexington Kentucky page. As soon as I saw how it worked, I went back and registered for the Louisville Kentucky page, as well as the Nashville Tennessee page.

This could totally be the ground floor, mind b lowing experience I have been seeking. Can you imagine what it would have been like, to be back in 1996, when some young hip IT guy comes to you and says …”so, I have this idea” and next thing you know… your a Google-ite (is that what they call themselves?)

It would be the world shattering event of all time, had you been lucky enough to have been that person in 1996! Now, I feel it in my bones, this is my Google event! And I plan on riding this baby for all she is worth.

I will keep you posted on how I am doing, there is work involved of course, but anything worth having is worth working on right?

Here is the main page to the company –IPSO Jobs

There you can see if your city is available for being the admin for. If you apply and are accepted, you get to share 50 percent of the Google Adsense that is generated off the page, and this could be really great!