Microsoft being sued over deceptive marketing practices for Vista Operating system

Thanks to Chris Pirillo’s blog, I came across this post from about Microsoft being sued over the deceptive practice of getting people to think that the machines they were buying could run the version of Vista that has Aero, when in fact the Home Basic Edition does not support that feature. I am glad to hear this, I was so ticked off ( as you all know from my many posts about Vista) when I got the OS, slammed it on my PC and then, nothing…. no Aero, no solitaire. There are so many hardware problems, things that do not work with this, that if you upgraded with an older machine and you are not a geek, you would find yourself very disappointed.


7,000 Iraqi refugees to come to US

Well, I can not say I am happy for them. Their homes are being destroyed, their lives destroyed and their children’s futures are almost over before they have begun. Those who have read some of my other comments, might be waiting for my “not here” comments; however you would be waiting in vain.

I had the privilege of having lived in Iran for a few years, back in the 1970’s. I loved the country, its people, its culture, its sights, the bazaars, the smells ( I could go on). I look at Iraq on the newscasts, and see hints of Iran there, not many I admit, but enough. So, I have an affinity for the people. I feel sorry for them, these 7000 people have no desire to pick up, leave their families, their homes, their dead to come to a morally different country. The struggle will be immense for them, even with the support they hopefully will receive from the Muslim Community here in the US.

I know what it is like, to go to a culture so different, as different as night is from day. It is very hard to do. Their are language barriers, feeling isolated and especially now and here in the US they will feel the hatred of many people being directed at them. They will no doubt feel fear as well, after all when one goes against the grain in their country, they tend to end up dead or worse.

I wish to tell the incoming 7000 Iraq people welcome. I hope in the end, whether you stay here permanently, or go home ( which I know is going to be your most desired wish) that you end up finding something to love and remember fondly, just as I did in Iran. Not all of us Americans blame or hate you, and if you give us a chance, we might become friends 🙂

And, please remember we in our hearts, no matter how badly handled really just want to help, not harm.

And for the Americans who read this:

Remember, if you do not wish to be blamed for what your government does all around the world ( which is what terrorist groups are doing to us) then don’t blame these innocent people for what some have done. And don’t bring them into the immigration discussion, because these are two different animals.

Lets all be nice, show what Americans are really like ok?

Read the CNN report here.

Anna Nicole Smith Dead at age 39

I don’t know how else to say that, its too sad. I loved that she was able to show the world exactly who she was , and do so honestly. Its a total shame that after the sadness she has suffered in the recent past, that this would be her end.

I am sure that everyone will have a field day with this, but I for one, simply give my prayers to her family.

For more details, you can try getting access to this site The New York Times, seems that almost every website for this type of news is busy and unable to be seen.

Edit @ 5:30 CNN report has a more detailed report for now. The site also says that Larry King will have a special report tonight about Anna.

Over 4 Billion Dollars in cold hard cash shipped to Iraq on pallets by US Government

Yes, you are reading that topic right, 4.4 BILLION DOLLARS right out of the Federal Reserve straight to the Iraqi Government, on pallets that the United States flew to Iraq! More

What is happening to the Mothers of this world???

Just when I think I have convinced myself that for just today, I can rest easy and not have to deal with deaths of any nature, or occurrences that 20 years ago were only in some terrible horror movie, I find myself having to face this.

The title of the CNN on-line piece – “Mom charged with baby’s microwave death”. Yes,I had to read it, because even though in the last few months, these types of leads have become common to read, I just could not believe it was serious; I really could not.

Sad, it is true. The mother has been charged , and even worse…. this is not the first time a mother has done this. The article mentions another person doing this, while suffering from epilepsy.

What I want to know is, what is different in our world today? What has happened to us, to make us do these things? 100 years ago, I am confident these behaviors were not common, if I am wrong let me know.

Is it the air, the water? What have we done to ourselves? War is common place, death is common place, and we don’t even shrink from murders played in movies for our entertainment! Am I the only one who thinks that this is all to outer limits? There is no polly anna place here on this planet anymore. Gone are the days when a child could honestly believe in Santa Claus, or play safely in thier yards. Instead they have this world to live in, no longer to be innocent children.

It frightens me beyond belief to know that we are all capable of anything now, nothing it seems is off-limits, unheard of. Where do we go from here? I know I won’t sleep well tonight, and it wont be the first time , nor the last. I don’t like this world very much, and wish with all my heart that I had not been allowed the pain of being born in a time when things like this are even conceivable to the human heart and mind.

I pray to God that this all ends soon, that this nightmare called life is changed to what it used to be; yup just call me a wannabe pollyanna.