The US Senate – votes for non binding resolution

So, what exactly does this mean for us? Not too much from what I gather.( Not that I am proficient in Politics, I am a newbie) I was up this morning watching a repeat of their session from Feb 15th on CSPAN. I watched as the Republican Senator Mitch McConnell from Kentucky and Sen McCain did this Lucy – Ethel routine on the floor for a few minutes, stating that they have never heard of such bad behavior in the Senate, that they wanted to be able to vote for their resolutions too, etc.
* petulant children, and these are the best we can for our Senators?*

Oh and Senator McConnell? I for one was a tad embarrassed for your behavior when you were speaking to the Senator from WV, Robert Byrd; you were very rude! The man deserved your respect just from the fact that he has been on the floor of the Senate since  1946! I was raised by my Mother to be polite to my elders, wern’t you? You did not show off Kentucky in a good light when you acted like that.

So, here is some of  the text of the Resolution that they discussed: ( careful, once you are on this page, you can gain access to the GOP PDF of their responses, and it is not a multi page PDF rather a web based page per page document, really slow to open)

And here are some words spoken and kept ( gotta love the US Senate and Library of Congress, you can see every single thing these folks say and do, each day) here at the Library of Congress Website, and which you can find under the heading of S1916.

And if you really want to see what they are about to argue over, vote for and against, check this out;

The Senate Calendar of Business.

Tonight, on the Glenn Beck show, which I only watched a few minutes of before putting my Buffy the Vampire Slayer-Season 7 DVDs in; was going to town as usual, but he said one thing that was correct. We can not ask the soldiers to fight, to kill in our name, and then tell them that though we believe in them, their mission is not worthy !

This “non-binding resolution” is just one more sign to the rest of the world that we are idiots, and have no clear idea of what we did starting this war, nor what we can do to get ourselves out of it. I feel that the Senate, and the Congress are just doing as they always do, they are wasting time until the next group of folks comes along. If you watch CSPAN for more than a few days, you will begin to see exactly how your Congressmen, Senators act!

They have to know they are being televised, yet it seems not to matter to them. They sat there this morning, and acted as if this was not a serious problem in need of immediate attention. Some Senators ( names not being said here 🙂 really only care about how they can get into the Presidency. Ok, I will say a name, McCain.

Here is what I think ( and since this in my blog, I get to voice my opinion ):

1. We need to do some radical attitude adjustments in Iraq, did we learn nothing from Viet Nam?

2.  We need to make Mr Bush and his compatriots accountable for all this mess, after all they are the reason we are in this “war”, they have lied to the people on numerous occasions, now they need to fess up.

3. We need to find Osama and kick his ass in front of every wanna be terrorist, and let them see once and for all, the might we in the USA still have.

4. We need to give every solider and their families what they deserve, no taxes for life, a new house, what ever. They are the only saving grace in this whole mess, them and the innocent people in Iraq who have become embroiled in this prom we are all at.

OK, this was my daily patriotic missive, hope to hear others points of view.♥