Dec 17th is 10th Anniversary of the word ‘weblog’.

Okay, so some where far far away in a distant galaxy of my mind back in my days at EKU, I recall sitting in the first floor computer lab in the library, some paper to do no doubt. And I recall quiet talk of “weblogs”, actually I do really think the word being used was ‘blog’ at that time.

I used my computer at home for one purpose really, to do class work; papers and the like. In the time when I was not doing class work, the computer was really only good ( to me, anyway) for one main thing, research. I was really high on Australopithecine research at the time, and I do mean high on it. I did not have a website, nor did I want one, not back in 1997.

Fast forward to the last year, and like some caterpillar I have come out of my cocoon and now own more than the normal amount of blogs, and even have a few websites in the making. Truth? I love blogs so much more than web sites, they seem more alive to me for some reason.

Scoble wrote on his blog he has been writing blogs for seven years now, but I would have expected that from him. He is , it seems to this outsider very prolific in all he does. He wrote also about where the term came from,who coined the term, one Jorn Barger, of Robot Wisdom and Mr. S. stated that the advice that Jorn has for those of us who blog is good advice that he himself follows.

Imagine my shock, to find out that “weblogs’ were not intended to be like the Chatty Cathy Dolls of the internet, where one can go from site to site, reading what people think and feel about almost every topic under the sun! Damn it, now what does the future of blog look like? A collection of links was the original intent, states Barger. Well this structure, if implemented on a strict basis would free up alot of net real estate wouldn’t it? But what would we be linking to? Other peoples links of links of well, you get the idea I am going for here. If that had stayed the structure of weblogs, now it would be like the hall of mirrors on the net, where we would all be looking into an endless list of links to………. nothing.

I am very thankful that ‘weblogs’, did not stay that way, that they in-fact became as one comment states on the post I linked to for Jorn:

That would be great if Weblogs hadn’t evolved in the last 10 Years … Now they are much closer to Web Journals than “Link Lists” and quite frankly they are all the better for it.  Read the rest of this comment here.

Yep, this is my weblog, my blog…. my on-line journal and it shall remain that way until the natural process of evolution begins anew for the net, lets hope I am paying attention early on this time. For the time being, I will let my other social services take care of remembering my links I like, that is what their job is.

Happy Anniversary Weblog, here is to the next 10! 


Chris Pirillo loves his iPhone….

So, check it out.. a few weeks ago we were treated to a wonderful video on how Chris Pirillo was “not” in love with the idea of getting an iPhone, but now we see this has changed. When I saw the video he made of the day he actually got the phone from his wife… I thought “oh oh”! If my husband had looked at me with that face, I know I would be paying for it later 🙂 But now we get to hear how he has , as he said in his video, he has seen the light!

Check out his video with his new found admiration of the iPhone –

and the post his post here. See I knew he was going to love it, who could resist this glorious gadget? Its awesome, its pretty, it looks fun to use. I want it just because of all it does, I probably would not use it as a phone all that much. But from listening to Chris talk about the different things “it can do” as a phone, I am once more impressed. I have fallen in lust once more.

On other topics – I have been off from here for a long time. Busy trying to get involved with a fan club. Word to the wise, if you have RL, don’t even think about being able to be involved in a fan club unless its your own! That is a learning lesson I will not soon forget, fan clubs are mini Washington DC’s, with all the nasty business, as well as all the wonderful people who went into it with all the best of intentions only to watch it go down with no results to speak of. What did I learn from this experience? I learned I will never make it as a politician, ever!

But as I was muddling through that whole experience I did have chances to see some new stuff in geekland, one of which is the themes gadget called iGoogle skins that Google has made available to us! It allows you to make your own, use others and switch between the standard ithemes from Google and the user created themes. They might want to work on the issue of the theme gadget not shutting down properly, when you tell it you want standard themes to run it will open back up with the user theme you had on previously.

This last five months have been an awesome adventure for me, I learned I can run Linux * thank you Ubuntu for that realization* I learned I can understand when Chris Pirillo is speaking about some new gadget, and I also learned that each day brings a new gadget for me to play around with and that is COOL!

Collecting Ubuntu Blogs

Ubuntu Blog

This blog is the first of my new collection I am building for Ubuntu Blogs/Website/Info sites.

I like that this blog is straight forward to read, I am sure I will be learning alot from it in the future!

Thanks to Carthik for the link to it! Look for more links in the next few days.

Will we be “Switching” to a Google phone soon?

Once in a great while I get the chance to “find” some techy news that interests me, not often but sometimes. Today was one of those times. I was just by chance reading my google reader when I saw a post on Techmeme about a Google Phone. When ever I hear anything about Google I listen, I don’t care if they came out with a Google potty, I would be the one biting. So, I go off to Techmeme to read, where I see the article listing they cited, and I go to that blog ( its follow the leader around here ) which was High Contrast. 

The article at High Contrast was a great read. Admittedly most of the severe tech info going over my head ( but I am learning!) however, the gist of it was that Google does in fact seem to have a phone coming.There is a picture as well on the blog, with a bit of intrigue to go with the story, seems that CNet picked up High Contrasts post, and reported on this and had some misinformation about who aquired the photo. *See the intrige here?*

High Contrast states that the photo was in fact really leaked to Engadget who insinuates that the photo of the Phone could be altered in some way possibly.Who knows, I recall that as with other devices in the past, the end result is  sometimes vastly different than the original concept. Anyway, I love that this post on Engaget hints at having a “tipster” , the tech market is so spy like to me. To be clear, Engadget is leaving this whole story to the future, waiting to see if it is as they say, fantasy or reality.

If you really want to know what the scoop is, don’t listen to me alone, go off and read all these posts I have linked to above and then keep your ear to the tech blogs, we will find out soon I am sure.

The Google phone is named ( in the articles anyway) Switch.  And if Google does in fact produce a phone I plan on being one of the first customers they have, they have earned my trust.

Making money with Adsense and your blog

Can it be done? While reading my daily blogs such as Paula Mooney ( trust me, you want to be following her blog closely, she blogs daily and has good information concerning monetizing your blog and doing it well!) I saw she posted about John Chow visiting her, WOW!

Now John Chow is said to be an Internet Mogul, and from the looks of his income from his blog, I would have to say, what ever he does it is definitely working! Enough of this scams for work from home, we need to be reading and re reading what John and others are saying, they are obviously doing it right.

I thank Paula for bring this back to my attention, and John for speaking in a easy to follow manner for us to understand. I also like that in this post of Johns, he shows what he did to obtain the income he has. He suggests that if you are a first time blogger just starting out that you begin with reading his posts part time blogging, full time income.

You can bet I will be spending my day off from school reading all he has to say, as well as keeping Paula’s blog in my Google homepage reader.

Buying Computer RAM is harder than I thought

I have looked at EBay, Amazon, Best Buy, Office Max the whole shebang. I do not want to buy it online, but it seems that will my only choice, as finding DDR PC3200 1GB single stick is almost impossible. Its just that I do not want to pay 150.00 for it.

I have found RAM for $3,000! I am all for speed and power, but with that price, I better be driving it down the highway, not surfing the net.

And there is the different makers, Kingston, Corsair, Patriot……..grrrrrrrrrr. I am told to run Vista one must have 2GB, anyone out there who can tell me if this is true?

All I know is, I have a new motherboard (ASUS A7V400-MX) and I am not even sure what kind of ram it needs to run right. I need my own personal Geek Squad.

But, I love to learn about this stuff, it makes me feel like I am keeping up with the fellas. I recall being so jealous when the boys got to go to auto shop, and I was made to go to Home ec. I had no interest in cooking or sewing ( I still do not like to cook, I am horrible at it, I can burn water).

Anywho, I hope to have the RAM issue settled by the next day or so. That is if we here in Kentucky do not become bogged down with ICE and SNOW.

My time on Google not the norm of other surfers

I ran across this blog via Scobleizer’s blog article “Big gadget sites don’t link to blogs – with updates”, its a blog called – The Last Podcast . This blog had an interesting post about time we spend online and where. I myself never ever stray from Google, can’t stand MSN, Yahoo, or any of the others for searching. Now, I admit I have had a Yahoo email account since at least 1996, while I was at EKU. And I do like their egroups ( because no one else has made a better alternative yet) but for surfing and all my other Internet activity…. its Google all the way.

I remember the first time I saw Google; in the Library at EKU some time back in 1996 or so. I recall thinking “wow, that is some cool looking search engine”. At that time, for my internet surfing at home, I was still stuck using Lynx ( the text only browser) for surfing the Internet. Do you remember LYNX? (Surprisingly, I found the webpage for an older download from 2004, but I do not know if this still works.)

The chart is surpising to me, 39% of the pie chart is broken up as follows:

11.9% is Myspace ( Does not anyone see how absolutely horrid that site is?) In my opinion, WordPress is the only way to blog socially, but one cant load tons of crude on there.

8.5% is ( to me, Yahoo as a search engine just seems a bit archaic, but that is just me and I am no geek)

3.7% each for MSN and Ebay ( another surprise is that eBay is not higher!)

Google ranks in at 2.1 %, slightly above AOL! This seems wrong for some reason. I just thought everyone one used Google, I mean look at the perks they give their employees! I had originally thought a few months ago that the place to work was Yahoo, the campus is great, the whole place looks like a bunch of really happy people. Then we see the report on CNN today, where the Googlers get free meals, pools, massages etc! How can they be doing that, if they only rank in at 2.1 % of the users? Why would high dollar advertisers use Google with numbers like that?
Where did the chart came from, who compiled it, what was the ranking criteria?

Okay, found the website – Blog- and they explain where they get the numbers from in the article here.

If you are interested in number crunching, this is the article for you; too much FAQs for my tiny, tired brain tonight 🙂 I am glad to have found this original post from The Last Podcast, as it has lead me to a new blog with new information, and I believe learning new things is very important ( even if I can not always understand the info)

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