iphone lust all over for me, and other thoughts

After hearing all the horrible stories of 36 hours to get the iphone set up, and 3.5 hour waits for support… no thanks. It is funny though, to see the thing selling, actually selling for 999.00 on ebay! I had been told there were still plenty of stores that still carry the phone… so what is up with these people wanting to pay almost 2x the current price?

okay, back to wanting my Blackberry. It has all I need, and does all I need without my having to pay an extra 300 dollars a month for service.

On to Linux ~

Saw Chris Pirillos youtube about Sabayon Linux, seems interesting, but I wonder what it has that Ubunut does not??? He makes a case for at least trying it, with the live CD so I will; but I dont think I will ever divorce Fiesty… and its children to come.

Funny thing was, from what I saw in the video of his, the eye candy he was raving over is already on Ubuntu, so what is the difference between?

so check the video out –

Now, I wish someone would help me figure out why Sun’s Looking Glass wont work right for me, its sooo slow. So is Xfce when I turn it on on my pc, what is that about?

My wish list for Ubuntu? Make the compiz-fusion make my windows transparent ( with out having it as the windows manager session) with the cleaner look of xfce and I am a happy camper.

That is it, that is all I wish for, oh and maybe some new eye candy, but what could they come up with? 🙂

talk to you all later……