Templates galore

It was for a while that the first thing I checked upon logging into my Internet account was what my stats were doing 🙂 (vanity, I know) However the last few days, I have begun to check what is new at Open Designs, because the plethora of colors and designs gives me a much needed creativity boost for my day!

This design, Clouds ; is the exact one I have been looking for, as far as structure and color. I will have to see how I can learn to make the website/blog I am starting to look the same way. I went to the designers website Snapp Happy; this person has a great eye for colors and photography. I suggest you take a peek at what there is on this website besides the great designs in templates, there is also  photography as well, the pictures are so beautiful! I will add a link in my blog roll as well.

Until later, have a wonderful and creative day ~;-)


Time to get serious about web design

I have been diving in head first into a book my Dad sent me about HTML, something I have before now been terrified of. Admittedly the book is older, its “Using HTML 4 – Sixth Edition” By Molly E. Holzscholag.

This book took away my fear of coding completely and I have been bitten by the bug. Now I know I am woefully behind on what I should be learning, so I hope to get a newer version or a more in-depth book. Do they make HTML books that have today’s codes?

Anyway, I really really like this whole thing, you write some code, and if you did it correctly it comes out just as the picture shows it will 🙂 I aim to make my own website complete with CSS , even though I know I may never come close to those designers over at OpenDesigns, I would love to be half as creative as they are. If you have never looked at what they have there in terms of design and well built websites, check it out, you will be happy you did. There is a new design just put up today, called RedPassion, and its just gorgeous! You can see it from the front page of the website.

Anywho… while trying to learn how to make the same type of visually pleasing website templates one sees over at Open Designs, I have come to learn color is not the most important thing when designing a template. Display of your text is very important. One thing I love to play with is fonts, I love the girly scripts and the historical fonts of old. But at least when I was using MS Frontpage, I would see that they did not display correctly on the net as they did on my computer. Today, I ran across this article from Attackr about this topic.

Seems that fonts should be tested first to make sure they will display correctly. Brandon Wood, the articles author says that the best thing to do, to ensure that everyone can view your site correctly is to use “Safe” fonts such as Arial, Comic Sans MS, Georgia, and the ever safe to use Verdana.

I just love the flashy fonts so much tho, I am hoping to learn how to make them safe to use as well. Now by safe, they mean fonts that will display on anyone’s computer. Some sites have special fonts that need to be downloaded before you the user can see them. I don’t know about other people, but I am religious about not downloading fonts from websites ( fear of viruses, is there a name for that?)

If you are interested in this, read more at the Attackr article I linked to above.

New Free Design Templates available at OpenDesigns.org

If you have never taken a look, opendesigns.org has some of the most gorgeous and well laid out templates bar none. These designers are a cut above the norm seen on the net! You can join if you are a designer, search for templates if you need one, and all are free to use. I personally use these templates to learn CSS and HTML, as well as how to “design” websites that have real class. I think you will love these templates, but also the folks there are nice and helpful so check it 0ut 🙂