Obsession the Movie

Okay folks, some new info here, and boy you are going to be shocked when you see the trailers!

First here are some links:


Go to that link, and view the trailer.

I found this link about Obsession from this blog below:


and lastly for your perusal, this about some very wicked looking fire fights that seem at first to be in Baghdad,  but are in fact in a border town near the area of Brownsville Texas, as you will hear in the video.


I need to learn how to post videos and trailers here  🙂

please , read these links (Before you vote) and make sure when you do vote , that you vote for the protection of our coutry based on “real information”. I do not know how to balance between Republicans and Democrats, I really dont. Sometime I feel the Dems are doing what I want, and then sometimes I feel the Republicans have more strength behind them. Maybe what we need to do is get rid of parties period, and have just straight voting from home, on the net, no party involvement. This might actually get what the american majority really wants done. Just my crazy thought.