Will we be “Switching” to a Google phone soon?

Once in a great while I get the chance to “find” some techy news that interests me, not often but sometimes. Today was one of those times. I was just by chance reading my google reader when I saw a post on Techmeme about a Google Phone. When ever I hear anything about Google I listen, I don’t care if they came out with a Google potty, I would be the one biting. So, I go off to Techmeme to read, where I see the article listing they cited, and I go to that blog ( its follow the leader around here ) which was High Contrast. 

The article at High Contrast was a great read. Admittedly most of the severe tech info going over my head ( but I am learning!) however, the gist of it was that Google does in fact seem to have a phone coming.There is a picture as well on the blog, with a bit of intrigue to go with the story, seems that CNet picked up High Contrasts post, and reported on this and had some misinformation about who aquired the photo. *See the intrige here?*

High Contrast states that the photo was in fact really leaked to Engadget who insinuates that the photo of the Phone could be altered in some way possibly.Who knows, I recall that as with other devices in the past, the end result is  sometimes vastly different than the original concept. Anyway, I love that this post on Engaget hints at having a “tipster” , the tech market is so spy like to me. To be clear, Engadget is leaving this whole story to the future, waiting to see if it is as they say, fantasy or reality.

If you really want to know what the scoop is, don’t listen to me alone, go off and read all these posts I have linked to above and then keep your ear to the tech blogs, we will find out soon I am sure.

The Google phone is named ( in the articles anyway) Switch.  And if Google does in fact produce a phone I plan on being one of the first customers they have, they have earned my trust.