Today I learned ….

Ok, this post is going to be long, as in long winded. That being said, I feel that this upcoming post will be about some of the most important pieces of information that every American needs to know. This upcoming post is going to concern three main topics; 1. The United States Constitution, 2. The Military Commission Act, and 3. Habeas Corpus.

I plan to think this post over very carefully before I ad my two cents here, since my main point will be that the American Public ( academia not included) does not know what their constitution guarantees them, nor do they even know what it contains. This will make you agree, I am sure; that we as parents, as well as educators need to stop teaching our students feel good classes, and get back to basics. How can anyone vote properly when we do not know what we really are agreeing to?

Until I post, I would like to mention a blog that I tripped across, one that made me accept how extremely un-American I have been in not paying attention to what my government has been up to. The blog I am referring to is linked to here, see left panel, and is called Incompetence Inc, please read that blog and then go to Wikipedia for their inserts on your Constitutional rights, and after look up their article on the Military Commission Act. Of interest should be how the house vote went on this Act. Of most important note, see Article One of the Constitution concerning Habeas Corpus, which this Military Commissions Act has removed for certain portions of society, and it seems may one day seek to remove for other reasons as well. Did you know exactly what this Act contained? Were you contacted by your elected officials in reference to this act? Did you know about it at all?

Read the history behind other Acts made by past presidents, that removed rights of certain groups of civilians , all in the name of protecting Americans.
Please, do not email here yelling about how I am un- American, because I am a true red, white, and blue American. I am doing my patriotic duty to discuss this topic as well as any others that I feel may in any way change what my country was started for, FREEDOM.

As I mentioned, I will be back later tonight with my thoughts on this Act and some other things that tie into this Act.

until my post, God Bless America, God Bless and be with ALL our troops, where ever they may be, and God Bless this world.

well, I am back. I took a wonderful walk with my kids again, just over 10 miles now for us in five days!!!

So, as I mentioned above, there is a problem here with this Act. I am trying to understand how we can subjugate a certain group of peoples as we did in WWII, when we saw how horrible this turned out? I feel every day we are losing more and more of our freedoms. We are letting the terroirsts have what they wanted in the first place. The way I see it, they are so used to living as an unfree people, that they are slightly pissy over our freedoms. So, in their childlike manner (sorry to children everywhere for that analogy, but I just can’t find one that is not inappropriate to use here) they decide to take ours away. How? Not just by bombs, and planes driven into buildings, but by eating away at our liberties. They do this with this fear of more attacks.

I am angry about this for sure. I felt we should have bombed the snot out of someone, anyone the day of the attacks, I do not believe we did not know who exactly was behind that attack that day. To have waited was stupid in my humble opinion. I do not wait to chastise my children when they have done wrong, because that is not going to work, when they have done wrong they hear about it as soon as it has happened. Our governemtn claims we are safe from bombs and more attacks brought about by things brought into our country, yet we see daily how truckloads of drugs ( I mean semi trucks here folks) are brought into this country every day. How do I know this? Well, just do a simple search of news organizations across the country and look for drug busts.

Our leaders, the people who have been voted in, they are dropping the ball on us big time. I looked at the wikipedia entry for the Military Commissions Act, and the votes it took to pass it were like so:

Final Passage in the Senate

Republicans 53 1 0
Democrats 12 33 1
Total 65 34 1

Final Passage in the House

Republicans 218 7 5
Democrats 32 162 7
Independent 0 1 0
Total 250 170 12

To me these numbers seem so wrong, are there really that many American voters who agree with this?

I wonder if there is some kind of poll, to compare these votes with concerning what the Americans think now?

It is Latin for “you have the body”, and has its beginnings in England in the mid 1300’s. It is associated with common law countries. It use in American law, when a prisoner who files a writ of habeas corpus, it is then taken to a court, and the prison holding the person must appear to the court and it is then determined if the person being held is being held lawfully or not. In other words, when you are arrested and put in prison, if you are innocent, this is a way of demanding your day of justice on whether they can hold you or not.

Do you know that the Article in the Constitution concerning Habeas Corpus is Article one?

Did you know that now under this Military Commissions Act, this right has been just about stripped out of the law of the land? Now, you may say, no not for me; I am an American citizen. Well, the funny thing about our country at least up till now is, we gave our rights to ALL who are here, not just us. That is what makes us special and such a grand place.

Until now that is, until now.

My comment earlier about schools, simple really. Teach the kids about their government, not in snippets that least a semester, but each semester. Make them know what their rights are, where they go to look them up ( no not the internet either, in a book. You remember books, paper sheets fastened together inside a binded container). Ask you children what they know of the constitution, bill of rights. Ask your leaders who you voted in how they feel about each of your rights in the Constitution, and do not let them gloss over their answers.

OK, I am done for now, but watch out… I may have much more on this topic soon.