Godaddy is killing me here!

So- some time during the after midnight hours, the WP databases (??) at Godaddy went rouge. I can not access any of my blogs on Godaddy that run Word Press. And the biggest story to hit * Robert Scoble being taken off Facebook for trying to download his own contacts * is roaring through the web like a plains fire. Damn.

They initially told me at 7 am est that it would be four or five hours, but they did not expect it to be any longer….. uh huh. This time when I spoke to the Customer Service man, he said he could not give me a time frame for it being fixed, just that they are working on it. What kind of ticks me off is, the first call I placed to CS Rep at 7 am resulted in my having to delete some WP plugin’s at the mans direction…… now, if your going to be working in a Customer service area of a company, any company; seems to me that it would behoove ya to know something about your product your providing support for.

So, I wait… and I am missing readers who are seeing GOD KNOWS WHAT when they try to access my blogs. I dont even see any kind of landing page when I try to get into the blogs, they just hang and then a php download downloads and asks to be opened on my side.


edit @11:40 am –

Okay, did a small test because in my mind I am not entirely sure they know what is up with my blogs ( and supposedly other folks WP blogs) so I went and set up a new subdomain on which I put Word Press…. and it let me do it! Seems to me, if your having issues with a services you offer then don’t let folks upload the broken service until ya fix it!



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  1. peedee
    Jan 03, 2008 @ 16:41:13

    Me too! I made them give me a month credit for the hassle, better than nothing.

    Good luck.

    PS ever notice that when you speak to sales you get the same guy as support?

    Go figure.


  2. Uncle Bubba
    Jan 03, 2008 @ 17:46:58

    I’m having the same issue. Earlier this morning I could access everything but my plugins page which I realized only after attempting to install and activate the FeedBurner plugin this morning.

    I assumed it was a problem with the FeedBurner plugin but, after 3 calls to tech support at GoDaddy, I received the following information from one of their tech support stuperstars:

    “Are you having a problem with your WordPress blog?”

    “Why yes, as a matter of fact, are you guys having problems there?”

    “NO we are NOT having problems. WordPress is a 3rd party application and the problem is with their software.”

    “Oh – did you upgrade the WordPress versions or PHP or something?”

    (irritated) “No, as I said, WordPress is a 3rd party application – blah blah blah”

    “Well then, are the WordPress blogs hosted on WordPress servers or something?”

    (even more irritated) “No they are hosted on GoDaddy servers”

    “So, I’m trying to understand where the disconnect is, the software is hosted on your servers, you didn’t upgrade anything – what’s the problem?”

    and on and on until –

    Yes, there is a component of WordPress software that connects to WordPress’ servers and that’s where the problem is”

    Uhhhh – yeah ok there bud. Phhht.

    Now I can’t get to anything including the main page of my blog (

    I think their problems are starting to grow.


  3. Uncle Bubba
    Jan 03, 2008 @ 18:08:20

    UPDATE –

    I got brief access to my blog and I don’t see that little “You’re out of date … update your version of WordPress” nag link – hmmmmmmmmmmm?

    I’m guessing they updated for the security vulnerability here:



  4. kystorms
    Jan 03, 2008 @ 18:53:51

    Whew, finally got my blogs access at about 12:27, hope your also back online as well!
    God knows how many hours were lost to readership on my blogs, but I am thankful to at least be back up and running.
    Thanks for the comments, feel free to come back any time!


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