Women’s Fortunes

Women’s Fortunes

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Google Adsense, show me the money!?!

I have a blog on another service that I began to use Adsense with over a month ago. Now, I do not get near the traffic at that blog as I do with this one, for two reasons, one is that pay much more attention to this blog. WordPress gives me everything I can ask for in making a blog, I love WordPress. The second reason that I do not get the traffic there that I get here is, I did not write a post about Bravos 100 Scariest Movies, which even in mid December is still bringing me traffic.

Now I truly wish I could add Adsense here, then I would be getting more from the program; but I need to understand what my other blog should be doing, that it is not. And I wonder why Adsense is not allowed here on the free blogs, if it were then I could possibly be able to pay for my service by using the Adsense ads.

How do other bloggers using WordPress make money from their blogs? I know, I have read that discussing money is taboo for some reason, tho I cant imagine why? In this day and age, one need not ask what a person makes, we simply need to look at the various toys being sported, Blackberries, Ipods and the like; to know whether a person is doing well for themselves.

I think that making money with my blog would be awesome for one important reason, my kids.  I would love to hear from others who have or are making money from the various programs out there, I can use all the pointers I can get.