Girl is stoned to death, isn’t this the 21st Century?

I am too tired to write a long post here today, so I am linking to the post I did manage to write which I have over at my other blog – Odyssey.

It is unthinkable to me, that it was reported that 1000 men ambushed this poor girl, and then as they mashed her face into pulp, they all recorded it on their cell phones.

Please read and if you can think of any way that we can stop this barbaric behavior and maybe prevent this from ever happening to another child again, let us know.

I still can not believe that this behavior is condoned anywhere in the world, this is still the 21st century, right?


Don Imus – freedom of speech or freedom to be an idiot?

All I am going to say is this, think about the little children who have now heard your words, do ya think that maybe , just maybe the children cried just abit? I do not care about adults who can stand up for themselves, defend their rights. I only care that someone in a position of authority ( such as yourself) was let ( yes, I mean let) to say what you did, and for all intents and purposes, you have gotten away with it.

This cycle of behavior leads to others doing the same, all in the name of “Freedom of Speech”. Now in my other discussions on this type of bad behavior ( see my discussions on Westboro Baptist Church) I had to admit that to take away these rights to say what ever one wants, leads to taking away freedoms for us all.

That does not, and never will mean that I condone it. And while Westboro to my knowledge has never made children cry ( they probable have, who knows, but I have not heard of it…. yet) I do know that lots of children were listening to your show, because their parents were listening. And you may have made small children feel bad about who they are, because of your words you may have made someone cry.

Shame on you Don Imus. I used to respect you. Now, you seem to me to be just a sad old man who can no longer control his bodily functions, ie – his mouth – brain connection.

For what it is worth, IMHO – you should be fired, period.

Westboro Baptist Church ~ Church of the Damned.

This week in Bardstown Kentucky, a family suffered the most horrid of events, 10 members of the family all perished in a House Fire. This family went to bed one night thinking all was right in the world, and woke up to news that I know I could not survive hearing. Their lives are changed forever , with all the pain I know I could not stand.

There were tiny children involved in this fire, innocent babies. These children are to be put to rest this Saturday. Now for the DISGUSTING part —

The Westboro Baptist Church planned on coming to the funeral to preach that these children died as a punishment from GOD for what our nation is doing. I am so spitting mad right now, I can barely type.

I went in search of this “Church” website because this same “Church” has come to my state to stand at the funerals of fallen soldiers to protest, and I have always wanted to be there when they did. I could not believe that tonight on my local news, I was reading that they were about to come to the funeral of innocent children and preach their twisted anti-biblical bile! These people (I use that term lightly at best) do NOT represent GOD, they do nothing more than twist the Word of the Lord worse than any other religious bigots I have seen to date.

Have you ever gone to their website and actually read what they have on it? I cant believe that the FBI would allow such a group to exist! I do not want to hear about free speech either, I am all for being on two different sides, even disagreeing vehemently, however not ever will I understand or allow near me, the utter, unbalanced hatred I have seen displayed on this “church” website.

Soooo, I have decided that the American people ( who ever comes to read) needs to know exactly what this group is about, what their plans are… I intend to be a pain in their ass. Maybe I will do a bi weekly post , who knows. All I can say is, I will be posting as often as their hatred comes across my radar.

For one of my first posts –

There is a flyer they have on their website about a soldier in PA , Capt. Mark T Resh, and this flyer states that they know GOD has made these IEDs to kill our brave soldiers! They call Capt. Resh and his fellow soldiers “F*gs”, please go to their website and read this insanity! Then after you read this bull s**t, go to their contact page and leave your views , make it long and loud.

These people have forgotten something, when they call “my” soldiers “fag asses”( I am sorry, I am tired of hand typing the links for these fliers in here, you can find this all in their main link index), they do so under the reality that these same brave men and women give them the freedom to do so.

The bottom line, I want these people stopped. The only way this will happen is if the good people of Kansas get some idea of how bad they look harboring these idiots. We need to send a message right back to this “church”, that if you come our way and try to mess with a family who is laying their child to rest, you wont get far.

I like that on some of the posts for this on my local news website, people here were advocating meeting this group at the border with a nice little turn around ceremony.

For the Record Westboro Baptist Church, I will be posting every single thing I find about you, every time you rear your ungly heads. EVERYTHING!!!!!

Vote This Ass-Clown Out! « paulie cannoli

Vote This Ass-Clown Out! « paulie cannoli

So, you write to you Representative asking he/she support an upcoming bill to legalize Marijuana , and the reply you get is…. thanks for the tip, I am going to send your email to the local police! More

Bill O’Reilly you really need to just shush!

I have a whole bag of shush, just for you Bill.
Honestly, did  you do that ad lib? Those comments are really quite sad. If you think that anyone who is put into a situation like that and becomes happy about it, you need help. Well, you do need help, we have known this about you for a long time Bill. I am really surprised that they still let you speak on camera.