What is happening to the Mothers of this world???

Just when I think I have convinced myself that for just today, I can rest easy and not have to deal with deaths of any nature, or occurrences that 20 years ago were only in some terrible horror movie, I find myself having to face this.

The title of the CNN on-line piece – “Mom charged with baby’s microwave death”. Yes,I had to read it, because even though in the last few months, these types of leads have become common to read, I just could not believe it was serious; I really could not.

Sad, it is true. The mother has been charged , and even worse…. this is not the first time a mother has done this. The article mentions another person doing this, while suffering from epilepsy.

What I want to know is, what is different in our world today? What has happened to us, to make us do these things? 100 years ago, I am confident these behaviors were not common, if I am wrong let me know.

Is it the air, the water? What have we done to ourselves? War is common place, death is common place, and we don’t even shrink from murders played in movies for our entertainment! Am I the only one who thinks that this is all to outer limits? There is no polly anna place here on this planet anymore. Gone are the days when a child could honestly believe in Santa Claus, or play safely in thier yards. Instead they have this world to live in, no longer to be innocent children.

It frightens me beyond belief to know that we are all capable of anything now, nothing it seems is off-limits, unheard of. Where do we go from here? I know I won’t sleep well tonight, and it wont be the first time , nor the last. I don’t like this world very much, and wish with all my heart that I had not been allowed the pain of being born in a time when things like this are even conceivable to the human heart and mind.

I pray to God that this all ends soon, that this nightmare called life is changed to what it used to be; yup just call me a wannabe pollyanna.



November evening on fire

November evening on fire

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This is the Awesome sunsets I get to see all winter long, this is when Kentucky is at her best, I think.



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and speaking of creativity………. can’t outdo mother nature can we?

An idea that proved to be great one!

I was looking at the growing blog section, of which I am very proud to say I am one; and wondered who was at the top? So, I went to number one to a blog called Creative Juice. I wanted to see what this blog had to be read, and was really pleasantly surprised that it did indeed live up to its title, there are a ton of great posts about new creative ideas. The one that caught my eye right off the bat was a post called “Lean Culver Etches her Macbook Pro” the title was a nice lead and made me want to read more, which of course I did. I went to the page, and viewed the video as well, if you are seeking fresh ideas, give this post a read. The laptop came out really nice as well, good video!



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I know, I am being redundant 🙂 but if you have ever sat on this side of the bay at night, and just looked at the city….. oh the beauty of it !
If I ever win the lottery, I am going back so fast everyone head will spin!

I am trying to figure out why I am so darned unhappy here in Kentucky. Its not that the state itself is bad, there are lots of wonderful areas here that have their own beauty, their own draw on the senses.

I just miss home, how I felt there, how the sun shines off the hills in the south bay, how the water looks at night , with the moon shining off it. How the fog looks coming up over the hills, the whole sensory assault.

Floral Fireworks

Floral Fireworks

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so tiny, so insignificant and so alone. Does this tiny little bubble of water know it is so beautiful, so filled with things someone might want to know if they took the time to come closer and look?

Polonium-210 one of world’s rarest elements kills Russian Spy

If you have been keeping watch on this story, you know it culminated in the death of Alexander Litvinenko, a former spy of the Soviet Union. The cause of death is now, Polonium – 210 a extremely rare element, first found by chemists Marie and Pierre Curie 1898 while they were searching for the  cause of radiation decay in Uranium.

This would be so hard to even find in a body, unless one is specifically looking for it. I find it extremely interesting that the Soviets used this element in their space program in the 1970’s, as well as other uses.

If you are interested in this, you can read the CNN article here.

I wonder why people were not more involved in hearing what this man had to say about what was making him ill, since he was one of Russia’s foremost spies up until recently. This man felt that the Russian President was behind this whole episode, and I have to wonder ; if it is true, how can the Russians be allowed to have such far reaching power? For the sake of humanity, who ever is behind this needs to be caught, before they do this again. And why is such a rare and powerful element being allowed to run around the world at will? I read that there is only 100  grams per year is produced.

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