Vista Dreamscene………

Okay, so I now know how much a sucker I am for eye-candy, and I am a MS slut after-all, I come crawling back like an addict, just because of this below

Yeah, now I just have to figure out who has the tut on how to get this type of eye candy on Ubuntu, I know someone knows what to do………..


Ubuntu update –

Well, there is bad news and good news in this quest to be rid of Windows, seems that the United States Postal Service has it out for me ( ok, too dramatic eh?, I thought so too but this is how it feels to me damn it!) and they did NOT deliver my Disks to me today as was expected. Good news is that I was told over at the forum for Ubuntu that my Radeon 7000 will work ! This fact will get me over the lack of service from USPS, sort of. 🙂

I have been watching the Youtube videos on Ubuntu and they are amazing! This is going to be a wild ride.

Talk to you tomorrow, hopefully from a system that is free of the Microslave ball and chain.

Got a new desktop widget to post to this blog

This widget ( for the Vista sidebar) is nifty. I can be at my desktop and still have total access to this blog! I can moderate, write a new post (as I am doing now) add a link you name it.

I found it at the Windows site for widgets, and I recommend this to use. I hope that the developers can make it so we can write our posts in our word processor software, and then post it to here. That would be a nice touch.

I have been kind of silent here for a while. I have so many different things going on, its getting hard to keep up. Too many irons in the fire 🙂

But I will be posting here more on a daily basis, I just want to find good items to speak about, not just space fillers.

see u all later today

Microsoft being sued over deceptive marketing practices for Vista Operating system

Thanks to Chris Pirillo’s blog, I came across this post from about Microsoft being sued over the deceptive practice of getting people to think that the machines they were buying could run the version of Vista that has Aero, when in fact the Home Basic Edition does not support that feature. I am glad to hear this, I was so ticked off ( as you all know from my many posts about Vista) when I got the OS, slammed it on my PC and then, nothing…. no Aero, no solitaire. There are so many hardware problems, things that do not work with this, that if you upgraded with an older machine and you are not a geek, you would find yourself very disappointed.

Vista update…..again

   Well, as of now my Computer is running Vista and these are the things I have to purchase new to make it a whole OS –

1. New scanner , anyone know of a compatible flatbed that wont kill me in price? I need this more than anything else as this is how I copy my school work for me children each day.

2. Graphics Card  or drivers for mine.

Other than those two things, I am seeing that it was just a learning curve I had to go through. At first I was angry, I realized that I upgraded for no other reason than I saw what this OS could do and wanted it ( by “do” I mean how it looked, have you seen the card games?). I will say one thing , the file system in this is superb! I have no idea if this is my imagination but it seems that as I save files, they go where they should and are filed so neatly.

I would love to know what others are thinking about this OS, pros and cons. I have read so far that some people are reverting back to XP, which is an option for me if I choose. I really want this to work out though, and hope that this will be the last time I upgrade until I get my Mac 🙂

I am so loving my new hard drive tho, 160 GB to load with music and files, its gonna be fun! Also love that I have 1.5 GB or Ram to use now, thanks to my Dad :-).

On a totally different note, the weather here in my part of the country is awesome! We are sitting in the mid to upper 70’s today, my peach and plum trees are coming out , and I feel so happy to be out of the cold.

Vista update

Well, so far – three days into this OS I am finding out some things I do not like. So, I will make the infamous “list”  –

1.  I do not like that in Vista one can not simply burn CDs of music, I mean legally bought music! You have to have a certain kind of software ( which I do, Nero) and then you have to go get another file called “burning rights” software! Which I did then get, only to be told afterwards that it is not compatible with Vista. I spent about 2 hours last night trying like mad to get legit music I bought and paid for down to disk!

1a. When you think you are burning to a CD, and it looks like you are, beware…. you are actually making a temp disk, even if you have already used this CD and its not rewritable, Vista treats all CDs as if they are just great big floppies!  Bad move Microslave, I was very cranky when I finally realized this.

2. You have to get administrator rights to do anything on Vista! The Help files are anything but.

I really think I am reverting back to XP, and the main reason is this –  Microsoft thinks that they have been given the rights to be the Worlds Big Brother, and I for one have no time in my ever shortening life to give such rights to a corporation!

Vista Operating System not sure I am compatiable

So, I finally got the 160 GB hard drive in, with the new motherboard ( listen to me, speaking geek like I know what I am talking about) and then got Vista loaded on here, and then I find out that my graphics card is a no show for drivers and there for I can not play with the pretty glass aero features 😦 I also can not load my scanner. This is not so  great, if I pay 160.00 plus tax for an operating  system, can I at least get my scanner and graphics card Mr Gates????

Anyway, plus side – like the way the music and pictures  have a special home, seems easier to file somehow, maybe that is just me. I will be back to post more as soon as I get to play around with it more. Cons? You know that advertisement with the PC and the Mac talking about the safety feature? It really is that spastic and I will more than likely shut that feature off, when I can locate where it is.  Getting to where stuff is is a bit harder than with XP.

(I wish Google would make an OS, or I wish I had the courage to install Fedora!!!)

Until later