Bugatti Veyron does 253 MPH ~ Sunday Brunch

I think from now on, on Sundays I will give a brunch of news that I find interesting , keeps my restful day a happy day, and still lets me blog 🙂

So with out further ado – Sunday Brunch #1

1. Bugatti Veyron – the car of my dreams ( sorry GP, but I found a new honey) this baby does 253 mph! Here is a video where you can see this sweetheart do her thing on the track! It is literally the fastest production car in the world! BIG thanks to John Chow for putting this video link on his blog today 🙂 I love this car, it is what I hope Santa brings me for Christmas this year.

2. I go daily to a website called the Daily Slurp, it is a virtual website design heaven, full of colors and styles galore. You get to curse over each website and get a peek and then if the design, colors, what have you grab your attention, you can click into the site as well! I originally found this site via the website Design Meltdown, which is itself a great design learning repository. While at the Daily Slurp, I found this site, Ventbox; a place to go and vent about what ever. Neat idea.

3. I read over at the Official Google Blog that they had a Doggie Day at their Kirkland Offices, this solidifies more in my heart the longing to work at Google , in any capacity what so ever; bathroom cleaner, parking lot attendant, ideas?The Dogs ( and their owners) were treated to a day of Doggy pampering, and a chance to do a greet and meet with other ‘Dooglers’ ( Google’s name for the Dogs)best part was that they even got a Google Security Badge! Check out the rest of the story using the link provided above.