The US Senate – votes for non binding resolution

So, what exactly does this mean for us? Not too much from what I gather.( Not that I am proficient in Politics, I am a newbie) I was up this morning watching a repeat of their session from Feb 15th on CSPAN. I watched as the Republican Senator Mitch McConnell from Kentucky and Sen McCain did this Lucy – Ethel routine on the floor for a few minutes, stating that they have never heard of such bad behavior in the Senate, that they wanted to be able to vote for their resolutions too, etc.
* petulant children, and these are the best we can for our Senators?*

Oh and Senator McConnell? I for one was a tad embarrassed for your behavior when you were speaking to the Senator from WV, Robert Byrd; you were very rude! The man deserved your respect just from the fact that he has been on the floor of the Senate since  1946! I was raised by my Mother to be polite to my elders, wern’t you? You did not show off Kentucky in a good light when you acted like that.

So, here is some of  the text of the Resolution that they discussed: ( careful, once you are on this page, you can gain access to the GOP PDF of their responses, and it is not a multi page PDF rather a web based page per page document, really slow to open)

And here are some words spoken and kept ( gotta love the US Senate and Library of Congress, you can see every single thing these folks say and do, each day) here at the Library of Congress Website, and which you can find under the heading of S1916.

And if you really want to see what they are about to argue over, vote for and against, check this out;

The Senate Calendar of Business.

Tonight, on the Glenn Beck show, which I only watched a few minutes of before putting my Buffy the Vampire Slayer-Season 7 DVDs in; was going to town as usual, but he said one thing that was correct. We can not ask the soldiers to fight, to kill in our name, and then tell them that though we believe in them, their mission is not worthy !

This “non-binding resolution” is just one more sign to the rest of the world that we are idiots, and have no clear idea of what we did starting this war, nor what we can do to get ourselves out of it. I feel that the Senate, and the Congress are just doing as they always do, they are wasting time until the next group of folks comes along. If you watch CSPAN for more than a few days, you will begin to see exactly how your Congressmen, Senators act!

They have to know they are being televised, yet it seems not to matter to them. They sat there this morning, and acted as if this was not a serious problem in need of immediate attention. Some Senators ( names not being said here 🙂 really only care about how they can get into the Presidency. Ok, I will say a name, McCain.

Here is what I think ( and since this in my blog, I get to voice my opinion ):

1. We need to do some radical attitude adjustments in Iraq, did we learn nothing from Viet Nam?

2.  We need to make Mr Bush and his compatriots accountable for all this mess, after all they are the reason we are in this “war”, they have lied to the people on numerous occasions, now they need to fess up.

3. We need to find Osama and kick his ass in front of every wanna be terrorist, and let them see once and for all, the might we in the USA still have.

4. We need to give every solider and their families what they deserve, no taxes for life, a new house, what ever. They are the only saving grace in this whole mess, them and the innocent people in Iraq who have become embroiled in this prom we are all at.

OK, this was my daily patriotic missive, hope to hear others points of view.♥


7,000 Iraqi refugees to come to US

Well, I can not say I am happy for them. Their homes are being destroyed, their lives destroyed and their children’s futures are almost over before they have begun. Those who have read some of my other comments, might be waiting for my “not here” comments; however you would be waiting in vain.

I had the privilege of having lived in Iran for a few years, back in the 1970’s. I loved the country, its people, its culture, its sights, the bazaars, the smells ( I could go on). I look at Iraq on the newscasts, and see hints of Iran there, not many I admit, but enough. So, I have an affinity for the people. I feel sorry for them, these 7000 people have no desire to pick up, leave their families, their homes, their dead to come to a morally different country. The struggle will be immense for them, even with the support they hopefully will receive from the Muslim Community here in the US.

I know what it is like, to go to a culture so different, as different as night is from day. It is very hard to do. Their are language barriers, feeling isolated and especially now and here in the US they will feel the hatred of many people being directed at them. They will no doubt feel fear as well, after all when one goes against the grain in their country, they tend to end up dead or worse.

I wish to tell the incoming 7000 Iraq people welcome. I hope in the end, whether you stay here permanently, or go home ( which I know is going to be your most desired wish) that you end up finding something to love and remember fondly, just as I did in Iran. Not all of us Americans blame or hate you, and if you give us a chance, we might become friends 🙂

And, please remember we in our hearts, no matter how badly handled really just want to help, not harm.

And for the Americans who read this:

Remember, if you do not wish to be blamed for what your government does all around the world ( which is what terrorist groups are doing to us) then don’t blame these innocent people for what some have done. And don’t bring them into the immigration discussion, because these are two different animals.

Lets all be nice, show what Americans are really like ok?

Read the CNN report here.

Over 4 Billion Dollars in cold hard cash shipped to Iraq on pallets by US Government

Yes, you are reading that topic right, 4.4 BILLION DOLLARS right out of the Federal Reserve straight to the Iraqi Government, on pallets that the United States flew to Iraq! More

just two things

All I want to say is just two things about this, and I will be done.

1. To have been there, at such a momentous and solemn occasion as a human beings death ( reasons not withstanding) is so much responsibility. If you were there for the reasons of marking this occasion as one which your laws required and your fellow country men agreed with; you should not have been dancing around the body!

2. No matter how corny this sounds to anyone who might be reading, my God requires that I forgive. Jesus said to forgive your enemy, bless him and pray for him. 7 times 70. This is the command of Jesus; if one calls oneself a real Christ follower, then do as Jesus said FORGIVE! It is this same unforgiving nature that brought that man to the spot of a rope this morning, have we learned nothing?

Now, the man has paid the ultimate price for his actions, and we are sitting here in America watching all but the last seconds of his hanging on CNN for what amounts to our amusement. And as an extra bonus, we are treated to seeing the body laying on the ground, his face peeking out of his death shroud.

I have to wonder what comes next, the possibilities are endless.

Goodnight world :-(

I will leave now, I am tired of waiting to see if the madness will continue. Seeing CNN and the others salivating over this is sickening. I actually feel sorry for him, can you imagine waiting for your death, knowing it is coming and at exactly what time?

And CNN, shame on you…. for being so obvious in your real intent for having a second by second count down. We all know that some part of your organization is just waiting on all hell to break loose, so you can get all of us Americans  to stay glued to the channel!  If nothing else, he is taking his medicine, is he to be humiliated as well on National Television? Remember America, he is not being hung for anything he did to America, but what he did to Iraqis, so why are you so happy?

Now, if this were Osama, maybe……. at least we know what HE did to us.

Saddam gets no reprieve from Iraqi Courts

I promised myself that I would try really hard NOT to post about Iraq too much, and really really try to stay away from discussing Sasddams’ trial and its outcome; sadly that promise was not meant to be kept.

I watched the various networks today (CNN and Fox) and starting about 5 am eastern time, saw over and over; in bigger and bigger reports that Saddam’s execution was to happen in the next 48 hours and that the Iraqi President said there would be no stopping this. Now I know most Americans are happy to hear this, I am not sure why exactly though. I certainly think he needs to be punished for his deeds however I am deeply upset that death is the only answer. We are trying to convince the entire world we are lovers of Freedom, people who believe in Justice.
If one looks up the word Justice, no where do we see death in the definition, nor in the definition of Democracy. I feel as if I am being brought into policies that I and my children will one day have to pay for. I am not my government, but the world and most specifically the Muslim world; will see that all Americans are to blame.

Yes, I know that like any group wishing to get their own agenda to the top, the radical Muslim will simply use this execution as a way to blame more on America. This is a given. And yes, I believe that these radicals must be stopped; however if one takes a fast survey of world history; one will find countless radical movements that also created death and mayhem in its wake. This behavior is not one specific to Muslim radicals.

The main reason I am so loath to be jubilant about this mans death is that I believe that this kind of decision should never rest in the hands of any mortal man, ever. It has never gone well in the past, just look at the Native American and the way they were molested and killed by another cultures ideals.

I also feel uncomfortable with the fact that over 20 years ago, our government handed this same man the chemicals that were used by him on those innocents he killed. How do we now stand here and say, “bad Saddam, we have to execute you?”

We (America) have been sticking our political fingers in some many different pies around the world for the last 100 years that this was bound to happen. One of our mistaken choices turned on us, and now we must ignore our connection to this.

I lived in Iran for a few years before the Revolution began, stayed until almost the bitter end. I know how the Muslim culture thinks better than most Americans. This is not going to end well, no matter that it will not be American to do the deed in person, mark my words we will pay for this in some manner. And I sure do not want the forthcoming violence to be an excuse for people like Senator Charles Rangle to scream DRAFT!

Do I feel that what Saddam did was right? No of course not, but as my husband said this morning; if this behavior is a crime, then many leaders throughout our recent history should also be paying this price.

I came across this picture in Wikipedia this morning. * At the request of my son, I have removed this picture. He feels its nothing but propaganda, and since I respect his views and the fact that he is serving my country, I will do as he asked. I have instead left the link to the photo in this paragraph.*

It is not the first time I have seen this photo, its rotated around the Internet and news for sometime. I find it a bit disturbing that after we * as I mentioned above* gave this man such power and attention, that we now feel we have the right to treat him as if he were evil on his own.

Truth needs to be let out of its cage otherwise this could be happening again. I caution all who will be saying good riddance when Saddam is executed. We had a hand in this soap opera, and likely will have more involvement with other world leaders in the future. Will we then be dealing with the same behaviors, acting as if we have no responsibility; that we are not guilty of complicity in this mans aberrant behaviors?

Please, understand me. I am not condoning Saddam’s behavior, and when I think of the innocent children he murdered in the name of his ego, I feel sick. But as my wonderful Father used to say, two wrongs do not make a right. Executing Saddam will make more problems and we will have to deal with them. Also, I feel that the man is mentally ill, has been for a very long time. Since when do we execute the mentally ill? Justice will be better served if he were to serve a sentence, be given time and lots of it to think over what he has done. This execution in my opinion is really being done so that the people who for what ever reasons want him freed do not get a chance to accomplish that endeavor.

I am a patriotic American, I will always be a patriotic American. I will defend my country if need be, and do what ever I have to to make sure my children have a future free of hatred and pain. I just know that the execution of Saddam is not the correct move.

I would really like to know what you all think, so please take a moment to post your views; yes execution is the way to deal with Saddam, or no. I would appreciate seeing how you all think.