Did God leave us ?

On Sunday last, I was reading my Google homepage, and saw a message from Associated Content, someone had emailed me! I was excited and rushed right into my account to see this  message, and then I was presented with what had to be the worst thing I had ever read.( I don’t mean the way the article is written or how it is presented either, the article – Director James Cameron to Debunk Christianity Monday was actually written quite well)

The article is about James Cameron and his “Discovery” of Jesus and family. I am a Born again Christian, and from what tiny bit I have learned in the last almost three years is that my relationship with God is based solely on something called faith.

James Cameron almost stole the one thing I hold most dear ( beyond my kids of course) my tiny mustard seed of faith.

I admit, for about an hour, I was angry and scared and my mustard seed was shrinking at a fast pace. But my daughter came to my rescue, and I realized something. I have a choice in my faith, I can choose to believe this is what Mr Cameron states it is, or I can choose to believe in my faith in God.

I choose to believe in my God. I also believe in my education that cost me almost 75,000 after all the interest etc spiked up on my student loans. As a trained Anthropologist, there are some major problems with this “find” that Mr Cameron will have to deal with. And presenting this major find of the century on Discovery Channel, HUGE blunder! Stating as he and his team have done, that they have DNA evidence is purely arm chair archaeology. This is the worst thing that comes from Discovery Channel, the watered down , stated for the masses science that they pour out like bathwater. For over 4 years, every single day, I dealt with skeletal remains. I know what will need to be done for proper DNA testing as well. This is far from a done deal, I can hardly believe that the Scientific Community at large is not calling for an investigation into this circus.

If one wants to come at this find as a real scientific project, then those who lead the teams had better be ready to put out their findings in journals. And be prepared for much investigation, even from scientists who are NOT religious. This find took over 20 years to even make it to the light of day, I have seen far more important finds laughed right out of the room for taking too many weeks to expose to the light of day!

One way or the other, I will for one will be waiting to listen to those who are in the field , who know what they are speaking about. I will wait for the debates by real research leaders. And I will continue to hold fast to my faith with all my heart!

Now, I think I know how Mr. Cameron got so lucky to have found the Titanic, 🙂