Google and Real Estate

Now we are talking about one of my all time favorite things in the world – Real Estate. It must be the Russian in me, but to my mind land is the only gold worth having. With land you are always protected (unless it has radiation on it,…well never mind) and you have “money in the bank”. Values of land are driven by consumer demand, but not to the point that one risks losing all they put into the land, so its almost a worry free investment, IMHO.

Now, this morning I see a post in the Seattle Times by Brier Dudley about Google moving into the Real Estate game, and this is the skinny –

Google reached a deal with Trulia, a Real Estate search engine ( love this ) to display their listings along with the listings of Realogy.

This is a topic I can talk about, searching for Real Estate online. I can tell you that I know of a few good Real Estate companies whose online searches are really good, a Santa Cruz, California site – ( A Coldwell Banker Real Estate Website) and ( another California based Real Estate Company). I love both of these sites because of the ease of finding the properties I am looking for, and because there are photographs and details on the site as well as contact info, mortgage info and anything else one might need. Both also have a map based search, so if you have a particular zipcode or county you are looking for, the available listings for that area are right at your finger tips. Both websites only need an email for your access to them, with the only emails I have ever gotten being listings in area I am interested in.

The biggest problem right now when someone searches for Real Estate online is the immense amount of crappy sites you have to wade through, and sometimes this even means legitimate real estate company websites! You can spend literally hours going through a ton of websites , registering with them, just to find that their site redirects you to another site or has what I call uncomfortable searching.

Now that Google is going to be handling things for the Real Estate search, its only going to be easier and more fun to look for properties.