20workmadebetter.com lies on TV advertisment, possible scam

This one , like the others we see (that promise great money to be made online, and always have a number before the web address) clearly states their CD is free. Sadly, like all the other web scams this one wants all your info put into thier system BEFORE they will take you to the page that says all you have to pay is 9.95 for shipping and handling. Now think about it for asecond, even if all they do is g et your credit card and money for a few weeks, the interest has to be agood living. And we all know what will be on that CD, info on where you can go pay more money for info on how to work from home!

When will we have a sure way to demand that these work from home tv advertisments and thier associated web sites be up front with the truth of thier mission and costs? I also want to make it so you DO NOT have to give your phone number ect before you see your being scammed.