greeting from a blogging ghost :-)

I know, been away…. but it was for a great cause!

I have been working my little typing fingers to the bone over at the other blog Jericho~On~CBS

* not a word press blog I am afraid*

I have been lucky enough to have been involved in the biggest internet movement for a television show in HISTORY!

Check out these sites for the dish, and if you are a fan who was unaware that CBS decided to cancel Jericho, please go the petition here, and sign it! The names as of now total 91,986 names. On May 16th we had 5949 names!

IN the space of just 14 days, there has been 158,000 pages of content made with the search terms “save jericho” in them! Every day that online total grows, and I have not even been tracking the other possible terms such as “CBS cancels Jericho” or “NUTS Campaign”

Don’t know about the NUTS campaign? Oh, that is something else, as of now the nut retailer Nutsonline has shipped 18,127 pounds of Nuts to CBS , and there are still 7678 pounds to get shipped! Check them out, its wild!

There have been thousands of calls logged into CBS phones, and just as many emails and letters from the fans who are upset over this move by CBS to show more reality down our throats.

Have you seen what they ( CBS) want to have us watch now? Kids Nation, go to the CBS website and check this show out, I cant see how they will get away with this thing, frankly sounds like child abuse to me.

The CBS forum for Jericho has been a hotbed of activity over the last 14 days, if you want to see what other fans are saying and doing then check out the CBS Jericho Boards.

I know some have been saying that we are getting a tab worked over wrought about the show, but honestly; it boils down to this-

Do you want the major networks to just keep cramming s**t down our throats, all the while making tons of money from advertising off of you watching habits? Do you not think it is time to end all the reality shows, * sorry to fans of AI, and DWTS – but I have had my fill and frankly they stink* and give us back come control in what we see. After all, Its my butt that pays 150.00 a month to even have access to CBS, ABS, NBC and the like.

CBS made some huge errors when taking into account who was watching, leaving out of the tally of viewers those who download the show on XBOX, and iTunes, as well as not counting those who used DVR, TiVo and the like.

Did you know that ratings are based on just a small fraction of Nielsen families who then in turn are said to represent you the viewer?

Go over to, and see all the information concerning this, and you will see that this is a large group of people who simply have had enough and want to take back control over what we see on our televisions.

Oh, and the stars of Jericho have left some really nice letters to us concerning our efforts, if you are a fan its so worth going on to the boards to see them.

I will be back later this evening with a video made of todays 10,000 shipment to CBS , it will be great 🙂


Jericho (CBS) SAVE this TV show

This is the BEST bar none, in the list,

So, where have I been lately?

I have been waging war on the CBS Television Network.

Why would I be doing that ?

Because they (CBS) took a show away from me, and honestly it ticked me off.

What show, you ask ? Why Jericho, a show all about survival of a town after a nuc war is waged on the USA by internal terrorism ( or so it would seem, but we will never know, because CBS literally stopped the show mid scene, literally!)

The person you can thank most for this attack on a great show, is Ms Nina Tassler. More on my opinion of Ms Tassler’s ability to do her job on my other blog here.

Okay, so where have you been and what have you been doing?

I have been hanging my hat ( and writing ) at my “other” blog I have written more news from there then I have ever done before in my life.

There are links about this war being waged by thousands of other Jericho Fans, a TON of info about the TONAGE of NUTS being sent to CBS.

Today alone CBS in NEW YORK got 1393 pounds of nuts today, and a youtube video is expected of the delivery sometime this evening, when it gets posted, I will surely let everyone know via here and here.There is another 4147 pounds of nuts ready to go for tomorrow.

Check out for the scoop on tallys for purchased nuts and other info,

Tell me that you would not find this hilarious to see? I would have loved to have been a photog at this scene today.

Check out the playlist for the war effort on youtube here.

CBS , silly , silly CBS . No matter what, we win and you lose, and I am betting right now, that Ms Tassler at least get that.

So, for a few more days at least I will be more there than here, however I will be here with the good dish on how CBS is taking all these thousands of emails, faxes, phone calls, letters, NUTS and of course the now growing list of major newspapers reporting on our battle.

two more important links if you feel you would like to drop by and help out


and check this video over at youtube out, its my personal fav of all (but they all ROCK!)
I will also try to have it posted here so it can be watched

Page Rank, who is the best in the field?

I have spend the better part of the day trying to learn about who is the big enchilada in the field of Page Rank and Analytics. It is what I am calling a ‘backwards search’ because I am learning it in reverse, make the blog then learn how to make it all it can be.

So far, my list obviously begins with Google Analytics. Why? Well, they have a really nifty set of reports and gadgets and do dads, not all of which I understand completely yet. And also because as we all know, Google is the Internet now, so they will always be the first place you turn for information concerning how well ones pages or blogs are doing on the Internet.

So, I have begun a test on another blog of mine, Odyssey. I am signing up for a few of the top tracking services to see how each works, and how they preform on my pages there.  I will be putting up my results in a week, of who was the most informative and correct.

This should be really interesting to see. I want to know who has been coming to my blogs, where they are from, why they come to read. I am so nosy 🙂



Originally uploaded by karowich.

I wanted to get back to my ‘roots’ a bit and blog a really inspiring photo, the search was a bit hard today. Something in my soul needed just the right message to post, and finally I found this photograph.
The photographer has a great eye for details.
To me, this photo says that there is so much to life, so many layers that are connected to each other, and the journey is forever.
If you enjoy this picture, please click the photo and it will bring you right to the authors photo page 🙂
Enjoy and God Bless.

What does it take for a post to go ‘viral’?

In the last few days, some one whom I respect and admire wrote a blog post that went viral , and I am so glad for her. She not only deserves the extra umph this is giving her blog, she is a kind person who helps others in their quest for making money while blogging, so this is a nice way to give back to her in a way. So everyone, keep reading Paula Mooney’s Blog, those of us who know her style and choice of topics, know we will never be let down. Paula’s content is always relevant and interesting, as well as funny and thought provoking.

The post she wrote Paula’s List of Blogger Salaries…Are you on the list? has to be the most informative and yet easy to read post on this topic I have read in a long time, and believe me I have read a ton of them!

Paula’s style is great, it is as if you and she are sharing a cup of coffee while talking. I think this is the main reason so many folks feel comfortable. Paula encourages your comments which makes one feel they are always welcome.

She is not shy about talking about Our Lord, which is one of my favorite reasons to read her blog. In today’s world , it takes courage to talk that way to a mainstream audience; yet she never makes you feel your being bombarded by the Word, its just part of who she is. Bring all this together and you have one fine writer who has a heart of gold, someone who will help you in any way she can, and who will always welcome you.

Paula, congrats on the jump in numbers, it is so good to see it happen to someone I know and have admiration for. Now, keep teaching us, and we will keep reading!

God Bless you.


Watch what you say and do, it could come back to haunt you!

Its so sad that in the past three days I have watched two people (for that is really what these stars are, underneath all that glitter, glamour and bad behavior) suffer for decisions they made that were not the best. And I have watched as some poor girls last moments on this planet were videoed for someones amusement via cell phone cameras.

As far as the video that is or was, on Youtube; the David Hasslehoff Drunken video – that one was really just tasteless, period. I mean, it’s tasteless to have your 16 year old daughter video tape you while you are in a drunk, and its even worse that she really did not seem that affected by his actions. But what I consider the height of distasteful , the fact that this video then was given to Entertainment Tonight and then to an on line service so that we could all share in his downfall. Wow, are you feeling special today?

I wish I could tell him how sorry I am that in his moment of weakness and illness, he was made to look the fool in front of the entire world, all for money and maybe for revenge; who knows. I wish him all the best in his journey through this addiction, its hard to live through, and even harder to come to grips all you have said or done while drunk. He needs support and I hope he has it from someone.

As for Paris Hilton, I feel so bad for her. I am no fan, not of stars or reality shows, but I have seen enough of her show to see that that she has had a different upbringing. I do not just mean money wise, but parenting wise. She obviously never had to own up to any mistake she has made, or at least any that had serious consequences such as the kind she is facing now. In my opinion the Judge decided to make an example of her for some reason, and gave her a sentence he knew would humiliate her. I do not appreciate that Judges feel that their place is to be anything other than the facilitator of the laws of the land. They are not now, nor should they ever be, moral Judges. I do not care how he feels about her personally, he was simply to give her either a fair and legal sentence or to have the compassion to see that Paris is not in the real world like the rest of us are and offer her some kind of therapy or treatment.

When Paris said that she did not read that paper from the court, it was truth she was speaking. We all know that she just doesn’t have a life like we do, she has people to live her life for her, while she is in the nether regions, not really a participant. For the Judge to have expected her to have behaved like an adult who is responsible for her own life was lubricious , I am sure he has seen her show!

Do I think she should spend 45 days in jail? No, and people who are stars and have done far worse have gotten off scot free! I feel bad that she has no one trusted enough in her life, including her parents to talk with her, guide her, and be there to make her see she now has real life responsibility ! Why did her Mother not say, “Paris, honey… did you read that silly paper from that mean old Judge yet? I think it might be a good idea if you did dear”.

For the life of me, I can not for any reason under the sun understand why some folks are happy when these stars fall from the heavens and shed their skins of Hollywood sunshine, becoming human like the rest of us! Would you shout with joy if your 75 year old neighbor was arrested for drunk driving? No, you would probably feel bad for them, and offer some prayer of hope. But when it is a Paris, or David Hasselhoff, then everyone wants to know every sordid detail.

It is as if we * all of us* have never fallen ourselves, never made a bad choice and lived to regret it. But the truth is, if our pasts were suddenly interesting to the masses, we would hide in fear of what we knew would be the reaction.
Compassion is free to you, so why not spread it around abit?

Just my 2cents worth.


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