Nic Lite works folks, it really works

 NicLite – From Smoke Free Choice

A few weeks ago, I posted about a product I had found while surfing called “Nic Lite”; a water that contains Nicotine and has helped me to stop smoking while I tried it. I mean it really worked, not in hours, nor in days; but from the moment I woke up and had some.

I have tried the Nicotine Gums and while they do in fact give you a Nic high * my words* they never stopped my cravings. I would walk around like a bear while on the gum, talking to myself about how ” I did not want another cigarette”, I just had to try and ignore that only 5 minutes had gone by since the last time I had these insane urges !

Mornings ( and after meals) are the biggest times of the day that are my “smoking times”. Well, I will be honest, all parts of my day are smoking times; but what I mean is that the morning is the time when I am dying for a smoke ( not meant to be funny). Before my coffee, before everything else I do, it is that smoke that I need. Yes, I said need.

With Nic Lite, I simply drank the water and waited to see what would happen. I had my smokes near by if I found the water was not working ( I feel safe with them near by) and the waiting went on for an hour, no urges to rip something in half. Strange. Then before I knew it, it was three hours later; and I had not had that urge once!

I have been smoking since I was 15, heavily since I was 18 years old. I am up to easily a pack a day, more if its been very stressful. And lately, I can tell you that things for me have been stressful as all get out. (Another reason/excuse is stress for me)

I want to let everyone know about this product because I had thought before finding this, that I was going to end up dying as a smoker who could not quit. I am not the touchy feely person who can benefit from group meetings, I know that works for some; just not for me.

I am so grateful to this company for making this product, it is in my opinion the way to stop smoking for someone who has tried everything else, as a matter of fact try this first and save yourself some time and money.
And to top it all off, its just water  and a  lemony taste. Pretty cool; no medicine taste in your mouth for hours after, no nervous feelings before , during or after you drink it. It just plain works folks.

I have included the link to the company below as well as in the top of the post and in my blog roll, please go and check this out. Order some, you will not be sorry. This very well could be the means for you to stop and gain back your health.

As for me, I am planning to get more water as soon as possible, and make sure I drink it until the day when I no longer have that need of smokes in my life for good. For the first time in my  25 plus years of smoking I am finally going to be a quitter!

I am just grateful I have been able to find this product so that I will be here for my kids when they are grown up.

Once again – here is the link to the company: Smoke Free Choice

Below are some links to some news reports about this product –

1. NicLite makes quitting smoking easier to swallow – Scripps News – Dec 7th 2006

2. Liquid cigarettes? Smokers are finding relief with nicotine water. – Simi Valley Acorn -12/15/2006

3. Can’t smoke? Chug some nicotine-infused water – Detroit News – Dec 8th 2006


I am quitting!!! Smoking that is…..

Ok, after years and years and tons of money down the drain, I have come to a decision , I am quitting smoking; NOW. I am old ( no, wont tell my age here) and have a good grasp on science ( its my major) yet for the life of me, until this minute I never had the real desire to quit. I said I did, talked about it, cried when when I had to go without, but never have I had the absolute desire to really stop.

I hope that I can make it, I am determined to make it. So, this entry is my public declaration of my intention to stop smoking.
Any with words of wisdom, please leave them here. I need all the support I can get and now!

I wonder, is it true that it only takes 30 days to make a new habit???

I have all the best wishes for myself, lets hope I am still feeling this three hours from now 🙂