I have made a desicion I am going to get a job at Yahoo!

Now that is an attention grabber, I mean to just declare that one will work at a mega company such as Yahoo. Well it is a natural course , for me anyway; I used to live in Sunnyvale. Went to Peterson High School, worked at the Savons across from The Kmart in Santa Clara. I lived right off of Wolfe, loved the Roundtable’s at the corner. Sold off mega gold in the early 80s at the pawn store, is that still there? Was right next to a Baskin-Robbins.

See… a natural connection between Yahoo and I. So, I am not as tech savy as most, there has to be a place for me in the huge campus I see all over Flikr, and boy does it look like a awesome place to work. I mean, all this time posting, cruising the net, has to count for something! And I am one mean ass research assistant, bar none. You should have seen some of my Anthropology papers in college!

So, for as many posts and as long as I have to search, no matter how hard I must beg, I will get a job at Yahoo, As God is my witness.

Now, how ? 🙂

Check back and see how I am doing, and if anyone who works at Yahoo ever happens to trip across this blog, it would be helpful if you would drop a line, give some pointers to a wannabe 🙂