Here we go again, Microsoft taking another service to themselves

Here we go folks – Microsoft thinks its King of the World, or Walmart!

Now I could go on and on * and on and on and on….* about Microsoft being the biggest evil, rating number two behind Wally World, but I wont. At least not today , instead some serious news……… no, really!
Not that I am all that loyal to Yahoo anymore, but they have been my email service since the beginning of time, or at least one of the first services I used. I did use Yahoo exclusively until Google came along, though and it does have somethings I like such as the groups. I love the way the groups are set up, and I think there is no better collection to find what ever topic you are seeking, and it is easy to search through.

Now, I read that Microsoft is thinking of buying or rather taking over Yahoo. Or would the word inhaling be better? It seems to me that no matter where I turn, some how Microsoft is there, the only place I have not seen evidence of them is behind the trees.

Now, keep in mind that Microsoft was left behind when Google bought Doubleclick last month, so they feel the need to connect to a search engine powerhouse like Yahoo, and the price will be 50 Billion, if this goes through.

The news is being covered by Techmeme, where on their front page are numerous posts from various blog’s all speaking about this, so I thought it would be interesting to see what the consensus is, good or bad – here we go –

the groups in my informal study number –

the yes , we like it camp – 1

the no, we do not like it camp – 2
the yes, we like it, but it wont work camp – 2

and the undecided or an said camp – 4

So what does this say about this issue? Well for sure its front page news now, but on the whole I do not see much confidence in this merger, but I am not Mr Gates and he always gets his man , er search engine company. My opinion? I think if Yahoo does sell to MS, they would be losing. So what MS is powerful in many areas, MSN has always stunk for a search engine. I am surprised anyone even uses it anymore. In the whole cosmic scheme of things, this stinks on ice.

In other news concerning Yahoo, seems they are shutting down Yahoo Pictures in favor of Flickr. Now I use this service, have since last year and I love it a bunch. Its the best for online storage of photos as well as having a great deal of groups to join. I hate to think of what will happen to Flickr when/if The USS Microsoft has their way and gets their greedy mitts on Yahoo. I can tell right now that if they mess with this service, it will end up being nothing like what it is today.

All in all, if someone wants my opinion ( and no has asked me, but I give it here anyway) I don’t want Microsoft buying Yahoo. I have sat and watched as Walmart has either bought or killed almost every single Grocery Store around me, including my all time Favorite Store – Food Lion. This is the same to me, when ever we like something, Microsoft wants to come along and swallow it, change it and then give me back an inferior, bloated product at a price 10 times higher than I was paying before they bought it.

What do you think? Is Microsoft buying Yahoo a good idea, will it work? Or you in my camp of rebels, and say NO to MS buying Yahoo?


Microsoft being sued over deceptive marketing practices for Vista Operating system

Thanks to Chris Pirillo’s blog, I came across this post from about Microsoft being sued over the deceptive practice of getting people to think that the machines they were buying could run the version of Vista that has Aero, when in fact the Home Basic Edition does not support that feature. I am glad to hear this, I was so ticked off ( as you all know from my many posts about Vista) when I got the OS, slammed it on my PC and then, nothing…. no Aero, no solitaire. There are so many hardware problems, things that do not work with this, that if you upgraded with an older machine and you are not a geek, you would find yourself very disappointed.

Vista update

Well, so far – three days into this OS I am finding out some things I do not like. So, I will make the infamous “list”  –

1.  I do not like that in Vista one can not simply burn CDs of music, I mean legally bought music! You have to have a certain kind of software ( which I do, Nero) and then you have to go get another file called “burning rights” software! Which I did then get, only to be told afterwards that it is not compatible with Vista. I spent about 2 hours last night trying like mad to get legit music I bought and paid for down to disk!

1a. When you think you are burning to a CD, and it looks like you are, beware…. you are actually making a temp disk, even if you have already used this CD and its not rewritable, Vista treats all CDs as if they are just great big floppies!  Bad move Microslave, I was very cranky when I finally realized this.

2. You have to get administrator rights to do anything on Vista! The Help files are anything but.

I really think I am reverting back to XP, and the main reason is this –  Microsoft thinks that they have been given the rights to be the Worlds Big Brother, and I for one have no time in my ever shortening life to give such rights to a corporation!