What does it take for a post to go ‘viral’?

In the last few days, some one whom I respect and admire wrote a blog post that went viral , and I am so glad for her. She not only deserves the extra umph this is giving her blog, she is a kind person who helps others in their quest for making money while blogging, so this is a nice way to give back to her in a way. So everyone, keep reading Paula Mooney’s Blog, those of us who know her style and choice of topics, know we will never be let down. Paula’s content is always relevant and interesting, as well as funny and thought provoking.

The post she wrote Paula’s List of Blogger Salaries…Are you on the list? has to be the most informative and yet easy to read post on this topic I have read in a long time, and believe me I have read a ton of them!

Paula’s style is great, it is as if you and she are sharing a cup of coffee while talking. I think this is the main reason so many folks feel comfortable. Paula encourages your comments which makes one feel they are always welcome.

She is not shy about talking about Our Lord, which is one of my favorite reasons to read her blog. In today’s world , it takes courage to talk that way to a mainstream audience; yet she never makes you feel your being bombarded by the Word, its just part of who she is. Bring all this together and you have one fine writer who has a heart of gold, someone who will help you in any way she can, and who will always welcome you.

Paula, congrats on the jump in numbers, it is so good to see it happen to someone I know and have admiration for. Now, keep teaching us, and we will keep reading!

God Bless you.