My first year in Blog Heaven

Wow, a year……. an entire year of writing a blog, too many blogs lol

What did I get from all this writing?  Many new friends, and much more confidence in myself. I was shooting for that straight 365 days of posts but real life and being over extended in blog’s has made that harder than I thought it would be. How does one come up with a coherent thought each and every single day? Now I suppose I could have cheated and made this is the premier bitch fest, and I came really close a few times didn’t I? That is not what my vision was for this place, this blog. What was my vision? I do not think I really had one at the time that I started here, but I do now. I want people to know me, whether they come away from reading here thinking I am one nutty crack head or a angst filled marshmallow, at least someone came close to knowing me.

Sad to think we will spend our entire lives on this planet, and then one day……. nothing more is heard from us. With blog’s, you are assured of reading my pain, frustration, happiness, joy, laughter and fears for many eons ( or until the government figures out to ruin the net too) now that makes me happy.

I am off now, to go find out about someone else, I have a deep desire to meet new and interesting people and I know that I can do that……… by reading blog’s.