Watch what you say and do, it could come back to haunt you!

Its so sad that in the past three days I have watched two people (for that is really what these stars are, underneath all that glitter, glamour and bad behavior) suffer for decisions they made that were not the best. And I have watched as some poor girls last moments on this planet were videoed for someones amusement via cell phone cameras.

As far as the video that is or was, on Youtube; the David Hasslehoff Drunken video – that one was really just tasteless, period. I mean, it’s tasteless to have your 16 year old daughter video tape you while you are in a drunk, and its even worse that she really did not seem that affected by his actions. But what I consider the height of distasteful , the fact that this video then was given to Entertainment Tonight and then to an on line service so that we could all share in his downfall. Wow, are you feeling special today?

I wish I could tell him how sorry I am that in his moment of weakness and illness, he was made to look the fool in front of the entire world, all for money and maybe for revenge; who knows. I wish him all the best in his journey through this addiction, its hard to live through, and even harder to come to grips all you have said or done while drunk. He needs support and I hope he has it from someone.

As for Paris Hilton, I feel so bad for her. I am no fan, not of stars or reality shows, but I have seen enough of her show to see that that she has had a different upbringing. I do not just mean money wise, but parenting wise. She obviously never had to own up to any mistake she has made, or at least any that had serious consequences such as the kind she is facing now. In my opinion the Judge decided to make an example of her for some reason, and gave her a sentence he knew would humiliate her. I do not appreciate that Judges feel that their place is to be anything other than the facilitator of the laws of the land. They are not now, nor should they ever be, moral Judges. I do not care how he feels about her personally, he was simply to give her either a fair and legal sentence or to have the compassion to see that Paris is not in the real world like the rest of us are and offer her some kind of therapy or treatment.

When Paris said that she did not read that paper from the court, it was truth she was speaking. We all know that she just doesn’t have a life like we do, she has people to live her life for her, while she is in the nether regions, not really a participant. For the Judge to have expected her to have behaved like an adult who is responsible for her own life was lubricious , I am sure he has seen her show!

Do I think she should spend 45 days in jail? No, and people who are stars and have done far worse have gotten off scot free! I feel bad that she has no one trusted enough in her life, including her parents to talk with her, guide her, and be there to make her see she now has real life responsibility ! Why did her Mother not say, “Paris, honey… did you read that silly paper from that mean old Judge yet? I think it might be a good idea if you did dear”.

For the life of me, I can not for any reason under the sun understand why some folks are happy when these stars fall from the heavens and shed their skins of Hollywood sunshine, becoming human like the rest of us! Would you shout with joy if your 75 year old neighbor was arrested for drunk driving? No, you would probably feel bad for them, and offer some prayer of hope. But when it is a Paris, or David Hasselhoff, then everyone wants to know every sordid detail.

It is as if we * all of us* have never fallen ourselves, never made a bad choice and lived to regret it. But the truth is, if our pasts were suddenly interesting to the masses, we would hide in fear of what we knew would be the reaction.
Compassion is free to you, so why not spread it around abit?

Just my 2cents worth.