I LOVE Valleywag……… AOL Email is Hysterical

From the Valleywag ( my bestest blog friend ever):
AOL employees down crazy pills in a wash of alcohol. 

This email, while lengthy is absolutely hysterical, and so worth the read!

Friends, Colleagues, former co-workers, Layoff day is always a creepy affair. No more so than this time around now that senior management closely resembles to the creepy pedophiles you see on “Law and Order SVU.” However, lets no focus on RONCO lets focus on a little gallows humor. You can’t drink the pain away so you might as well laugh through it. Actually, that’s not true. You CAN drink pain away but it usually takes substantial amounts of alcohol and leaves you with an even bigger pain. Thus, it’s a wash so lets move on.

 The rest is just as freaking amusing, and trust me it will make your corporate day~



I see stupid people ( and their stupid posts)


Okay, now to all those folks who can control their hormones and temper, I say I am sorry for this ‘vent‘ here and now………. but you know how you deal and deal, all it does is build up in side you and you get the ulcer.

My ulcer is long over due its recompense so here goes – will those who believe in being on-line and showing me your stupidity, please for the love of all that is holy go away, i mean light years away.

Please stop posting your moronic dribble and forcing the rest of us to listen, because in order to get the the next post, we have to pass your blathering idiot ramblings, none of which anyone is interested in. Do you not know how people, the other people think of you and your on screen rants about the various unfair things being done to you? ( i think, just my opinion here; that your tin foil hat is on far too tight)

Please, take some advice, stop with the musical posts, none of us find them poignant or amusing, and please for the sake of your online friends, the real ones you have……. shut the FUCK up! YOU are wrong, what you did was WRONG, and frankly, I am getting sick to death of hearing you speak…….. go some where else, find a place where you will be at home with your meanness, anger and ignorance.

phew, all done……. I feel better.