Even Scarier Movie moments on Bravo

OK, this Saturday morning I got to do something I NEVER get to do, ever. I got to sleep in until 8 am!!! That might sound not too impressive to some, but I am a mom of five, who home schools. I am up every single day at between 3 or 4 in the morning to get my class work ready, and get all my chores done. So the fact that I slept in, well it was a gift. And I did something else I normally never do on a Saturday, I watched a different television channel. What is so special about that you ask? Well, normally my Saturdays are devoted to watching HGTV, because I love to watch anything to do with home remodeling, design , landscaping, you name it.

Well, as I said, today for some reason I did not watch my morning shows, I do not particularly like the weekend warrior show. I was flipping mindlessly through the million channels I have on my cable system ( OK , it feels like a million ) and came across the Bravo channel. The show playing was called Even Scarier Moments, part 1, and being so close to Halloween , I decided to watch and see what it was about. I have to say, most of the movies they had on the show were not  impressive to me, and not what I would have chosen for the various spots they were put , with the exception of The Grudge, that one I would have put much higher in the listing. Well, amongst the choices for each spot were the usual, as well as the unusual; for instance – putting Play Misty for Me and Vertigo as scary moments, not what I would have thought about for a choice. However, there was a movie that all but made me lose my coffee, and even right now thinking about it; makes my stomach turn. I have never heard about this movie, maybe you all have….Dead Alive.

This move from what I saw in  the clips, for the most part looks cheesy with lots of gore and the normally expected scenes for this type of movie. Two things were totally surprising to me,one was who the director was, Peter Jackson of Lord of the Rings fame, and two  the sickest ,grossest, most disturbingly and terrifying thing I have ever seen in my life — the scene at the dinner table! I still cant quite keep that scene from playing over in my mind, and its hurting my stomach something fierce. This has to be the GROSSEST thing in a movie, bar none. Secret? I LOVED IT, something must be wrong with me, right? From what I see on IMBds’ website, its also called Braindead, if you can find it, rent it, and let me know what you thought. Oh my gosh, that scene was tooooooo gross, cant believe it came from Peter Jackson of all people, 🙂