So, where have I been lately?

I have been waging war on the CBS Television Network.

Why would I be doing that ?

Because they (CBS) took a show away from me, and honestly it ticked me off.

What show, you ask ? Why Jericho, a show all about survival of a town after a nuc war is waged on the USA by internal terrorism ( or so it would seem, but we will never know, because CBS literally stopped the show mid scene, literally!)

The person you can thank most for this attack on a great show, is Ms Nina Tassler. More on my opinion of Ms Tassler’s ability to do her job on my other blog here.

Okay, so where have you been and what have you been doing?

I have been hanging my hat ( and writing ) at my “other” blog I have written more news from there then I have ever done before in my life.

There are links about this war being waged by thousands of other Jericho Fans, a TON of info about the TONAGE of NUTS being sent to CBS.

Today alone CBS in NEW YORK got 1393 pounds of nuts today, and a youtube video is expected of the delivery sometime this evening, when it gets posted, I will surely let everyone know via here and here.There is another 4147 pounds of nuts ready to go for tomorrow.

Check out for the scoop on tallys for purchased nuts and other info,

Tell me that you would not find this hilarious to see? I would have loved to have been a photog at this scene today.

Check out the playlist for the war effort on youtube here.

CBS , silly , silly CBS . No matter what, we win and you lose, and I am betting right now, that Ms Tassler at least get that.

So, for a few more days at least I will be more there than here, however I will be here with the good dish on how CBS is taking all these thousands of emails, faxes, phone calls, letters, NUTS and of course the now growing list of major newspapers reporting on our battle.

two more important links if you feel you would like to drop by and help out


and check this video over at youtube out, its my personal fav of all (but they all ROCK!)
I will also try to have it posted here so it can be watched