Iranians seeing aliens, just like we do :-)

Here is a post from a really good blogger who keeps us up todate in a funny manner with what is happening in Iran. Since I used to live in Iran, I like being able to see the country, I still have fond memories of living there. I suggest you check out his blog 🙂


I leave the room for couple of minutes and look what you do!

So, I have not been here to write in the last two days, I have been busy with school work and house work ( I am mom first before anything else) and what do I find when I get back? Israel considering Nukes and three people are found in Miamis Port trying to enter the United States illegally.

Phew, this makes me nervous, am I up to the challenge of discussing these two topics? Well, for sure I am going to discuss topic number one, Israel and her Nukes. Why do I care if the country of Israel drops the bomb on Iran you ask? Is not Iran asking for a smack in the kisser for all her wordy threats you say? Yes, there is someone in the country who does need to pay for his lack of humanity, and that is the leader, not Iran’s people or the city of Isfahan, one of Israels supposed cities of planned attack should Israel decide to do this.

I lived in Isfahan for a few years, and let me tell you right now, I have a deep caring for that city and her people. I do not care about the history that Iran has with the United States, I know it far better than most do as I lived during the Revolution. I do care about the people who live there, who may or may-not back their leader, but who really do not have a choice to. These are people who for the most part simply go about their day working and loving their children.

Do we want to pay the ultimate price for what out leader does or says? This is the same thought train that the terrorist uses when explaining away thier blowing up three thousand people!

Let me tell you what is in Isfahan. There are the most glorious gardens full of roses , a bazaar smack in the middle of town which is ringed with three mosques. These mosques are glorious, the colors with the setting sun upon them is a sight you will never forget! The bazaar with all the wondrous smells of spices and the copper smiths too much to take in in one day or even one year! The history of this city called Isfahan nesf-e-jahan (Esfahan is half the world) in the 16th century is one that can NEVER be replaced. Should this city suffer being wiped off the face of our planet because one tiny little ignorant man has control for the moment?

I can not begin to do justice to my experience there, I am thankful for the memories; the good and the bad. I remember having rose ice cream while walking around the bazaar, and visiting the shaking minarets with friends. I recall my mom and I shopping for jewlery and carpets and having lunch in the Shah Abbas Hotel. Whew the food there, make you want to sit and eat all day long!

Did  I mention the carpets? You see so many it makes you dizzy, you will never see the kinds of colors or talent anywhere else.

Please, if this story of Israel is true ( which to be fair, Israel has denied this story which was posted in the Sunday Times of Britain and re-posted in CNN online see here) Israel must realize that to destroy so much wonderful history as well as civilization itself ( because lets be honest folks, nuking anyone is going to be the end of all we hold dear)

Israel to be sure must protect herself; I understand this and would do the same; however I think there is a better way to do so then to deprive the world of such wonderful and important history. I purposely did not discuss the people who live in Isfahan, as I have to believe in my heart that who ever would decide to do such an act ( terrorists not in this discussion) would have the love of humanity enough in their hearts to warn the people so they could get away from the city, right? 

Makes one feel the need to go to the higher power ( whom I call my God) and ask, what are we doing? What can we do to stop this before we are all sorry?

Ahmenijahd, for the sake of your country and your children stop your behavior now. No one wants to see Iran’s beauty scarred and removed from world history for ever! You are the only one ( you and your Imam leaders) who is killing Iran, no one else is doing this to you.

I did not do any justice to this topic, however if all I do is make everyone stop and think for just a moment about this action then I have done something right. Please tell your leaders, who ever they are; that you do not want anyone nuked.