Dec 17th is 10th Anniversary of the word ‘weblog’.

Okay, so some where far far away in a distant galaxy of my mind back in my days at EKU, I recall sitting in the first floor computer lab in the library, some paper to do no doubt. And I recall quiet talk of “weblogs”, actually I do really think the word being used was ‘blog’ at that time.

I used my computer at home for one purpose really, to do class work; papers and the like. In the time when I was not doing class work, the computer was really only good ( to me, anyway) for one main thing, research. I was really high on Australopithecine research at the time, and I do mean high on it. I did not have a website, nor did I want one, not back in 1997.

Fast forward to the last year, and like some caterpillar I have come out of my cocoon and now own more than the normal amount of blogs, and even have a few websites in the making. Truth? I love blogs so much more than web sites, they seem more alive to me for some reason.

Scoble wrote on his blog he has been writing blogs for seven years now, but I would have expected that from him. He is , it seems to this outsider very prolific in all he does. He wrote also about where the term came from,who coined the term, one Jorn Barger, of Robot Wisdom and Mr. S. stated that the advice that Jorn has for those of us who blog is good advice that he himself follows.

Imagine my shock, to find out that “weblogs’ were not intended to be like the Chatty Cathy Dolls of the internet, where one can go from site to site, reading what people think and feel about almost every topic under the sun! Damn it, now what does the future of blog look like? A collection of links was the original intent, states Barger. Well this structure, if implemented on a strict basis would free up alot of net real estate wouldn’t it? But what would we be linking to? Other peoples links of links of well, you get the idea I am going for here. If that had stayed the structure of weblogs, now it would be like the hall of mirrors on the net, where we would all be looking into an endless list of links to………. nothing.

I am very thankful that ‘weblogs’, did not stay that way, that they in-fact became as one comment states on the post I linked to for Jorn:

That would be great if Weblogs hadn’t evolved in the last 10 Years … Now they are much closer to Web Journals than “Link Lists” and quite frankly they are all the better for it.  Read the rest of this comment here.

Yep, this is my weblog, my blog…. my on-line journal and it shall remain that way until the natural process of evolution begins anew for the net, lets hope I am paying attention early on this time. For the time being, I will let my other social services take care of remembering my links I like, that is what their job is.

Happy Anniversary Weblog, here is to the next 10! 


I LOVE Valleywag……… AOL Email is Hysterical

From the Valleywag ( my bestest blog friend ever):
AOL employees down crazy pills in a wash of alcohol. 

This email, while lengthy is absolutely hysterical, and so worth the read!

Friends, Colleagues, former co-workers, Layoff day is always a creepy affair. No more so than this time around now that senior management closely resembles to the creepy pedophiles you see on “Law and Order SVU.” However, lets no focus on RONCO lets focus on a little gallows humor. You can’t drink the pain away so you might as well laugh through it. Actually, that’s not true. You CAN drink pain away but it usually takes substantial amounts of alcohol and leaves you with an even bigger pain. Thus, it’s a wash so lets move on.

 The rest is just as freaking amusing, and trust me it will make your corporate day~


Gov claims P2P are threat to National Security


I think its high time we get all those aged , ner do well’s out of Congress and get it back to where it belongs, serving the people…. you are wasting my tax dollars on this sh8t when you should be reining in the little king in the No color house!

Seems Congress, bless their  hearts ; believes that the software used for P2P is a threat to National Security.

First of all, what security?

Second of all… as many of the folks who commented on the post at ZDNet asked…. why is a person who is working in a secure facility able to get access to P2P software? Is it that easy to download without watchful eyes to a Government PC? And is it that easy to access documents and files without a clearance?

NO, the answer is it  is not. And if it is that easy to obtain than boy howdy are we all in a world of hurt!

I see the Gov trying to lock the net up tighter than a drum, because the information is so easily obtained now via the internet. How can they possibly sell you a pack of lies if you can turn right around and find the truth here? There is no way that secure computers have access to download any program period, without prior authorization from a higher up.

What Congress needs to worry about is how laptops with Service men and womens records keep disappearing, that is a problem!

Who is the watchdog group in charge of the Congressional Circus anyway?

twitter page for KOME

Yes… still having that meltdown… and now its becoming fun!

Made a twitter page for KOME…

No, I do not expect to be off this for quite some time… I suppose the freshness of the CBS kill I experienced is still running through my veins, sad fact is…. I have been a part of a war against the MAN and more importantly I was part of the BIG WIN!

You do not forget something like this easily! And if something is important to “you” I now know you gotta go for it, no matter how many people call you a crack head!

Now, I freely admit… I may turn out to be the only person on the entire planet that wants KOME brought back…but what if I am not? You know how many people laughed on May 18th when we were threatening to throw nuts at CBS… threatening them with boycotts, and email/snail mail war? Not one person thought it would be at all possible, yet here we sit….. today with Jericho back on the air!

Come on people…. let it sink in, do not think about your age * if your of my age group* , just think about the music, the people, the memories.

Is it so wrong to want to experience that again?

Plain and simple, I want KOME back…. if that is still possible. I am actively seeking that info out. If I find out that  its not… well I will have to deal I suppose but its going to hurt. I am just now becoming accustomed to winning my fights.

check these lyrics out….The Last DJ by Tom Petty * its so damn sad*

Well you can’t turn him into a company man
You can’t turn him into a whore
And the boys upstairs just don’t understand anymore
Well the top brass don’t like him talking so much
And he won’t play what they say to play
And he don’t want to change what don’t need to change
And there goes the last DJ
Who plays what he wants to play
And says what he wants to say
Hey, hey, hey
And there goes your freedom of choice
There goes the last human voice
There goes the last DJ
Well some folks say they’re gonna hang him so high
Because you just can’t do what he did
There’s some things you just can’t put in the minds of those kids
As we celebrate mediocrity all the boys upstairs want to see
How much you’ll pay for what you used to get for free
And there goes the last DJ
Who plays what he wants to play
And says what he wants to say
Hey, hey, hey
And there goes your freedom of choice
There goes the last human voice
And there goes the last DJ

(Instrumental break)

Well he got him a station down in Mexico
And sometimes it will kinda come in
And I’ll bust a move and remember how it was back then
There goes the last DJ
Who plays what he wants to play
And says what he wants to say
Hey, hey, hey
And there goes your freedom of choice
There goes the last human voice
And there goes the last DJ

I think that the day of taking a great radio station off the air because of what we now know as bad ratings systems is over… seems to me that if enough people are willing to stand up and say… we want our station back it can happen.

The thing is, do enough people want KOME * or fill in your station call letters here* back on the air? Or is it true…is rock is dead?

God Forbid.

Watch what you say and do, it could come back to haunt you!

Its so sad that in the past three days I have watched two people (for that is really what these stars are, underneath all that glitter, glamour and bad behavior) suffer for decisions they made that were not the best. And I have watched as some poor girls last moments on this planet were videoed for someones amusement via cell phone cameras.

As far as the video that is or was, on Youtube; the David Hasslehoff Drunken video – that one was really just tasteless, period. I mean, it’s tasteless to have your 16 year old daughter video tape you while you are in a drunk, and its even worse that she really did not seem that affected by his actions. But what I consider the height of distasteful , the fact that this video then was given to Entertainment Tonight and then to an on line service so that we could all share in his downfall. Wow, are you feeling special today?

I wish I could tell him how sorry I am that in his moment of weakness and illness, he was made to look the fool in front of the entire world, all for money and maybe for revenge; who knows. I wish him all the best in his journey through this addiction, its hard to live through, and even harder to come to grips all you have said or done while drunk. He needs support and I hope he has it from someone.

As for Paris Hilton, I feel so bad for her. I am no fan, not of stars or reality shows, but I have seen enough of her show to see that that she has had a different upbringing. I do not just mean money wise, but parenting wise. She obviously never had to own up to any mistake she has made, or at least any that had serious consequences such as the kind she is facing now. In my opinion the Judge decided to make an example of her for some reason, and gave her a sentence he knew would humiliate her. I do not appreciate that Judges feel that their place is to be anything other than the facilitator of the laws of the land. They are not now, nor should they ever be, moral Judges. I do not care how he feels about her personally, he was simply to give her either a fair and legal sentence or to have the compassion to see that Paris is not in the real world like the rest of us are and offer her some kind of therapy or treatment.

When Paris said that she did not read that paper from the court, it was truth she was speaking. We all know that she just doesn’t have a life like we do, she has people to live her life for her, while she is in the nether regions, not really a participant. For the Judge to have expected her to have behaved like an adult who is responsible for her own life was lubricious , I am sure he has seen her show!

Do I think she should spend 45 days in jail? No, and people who are stars and have done far worse have gotten off scot free! I feel bad that she has no one trusted enough in her life, including her parents to talk with her, guide her, and be there to make her see she now has real life responsibility ! Why did her Mother not say, “Paris, honey… did you read that silly paper from that mean old Judge yet? I think it might be a good idea if you did dear”.

For the life of me, I can not for any reason under the sun understand why some folks are happy when these stars fall from the heavens and shed their skins of Hollywood sunshine, becoming human like the rest of us! Would you shout with joy if your 75 year old neighbor was arrested for drunk driving? No, you would probably feel bad for them, and offer some prayer of hope. But when it is a Paris, or David Hasselhoff, then everyone wants to know every sordid detail.

It is as if we * all of us* have never fallen ourselves, never made a bad choice and lived to regret it. But the truth is, if our pasts were suddenly interesting to the masses, we would hide in fear of what we knew would be the reaction.
Compassion is free to you, so why not spread it around abit?

Just my 2cents worth.


Moscow Office of Al-Jeezera is spamming me from my own hotmail account

One more thing I have to kill off and fast…. my MSN account and Hotmail account. Why? Seems that someone somehow got a hold of my MSN account , set up a dummy account and is spamming me back at my HotMail Account! Now, this was weird enough, but when I checked the ISP ,well is says it was sent from the Moscow office of Al-Jazzeera! Talk about spooky 😦

This happened so far four times, that I have found ( ok, so I don’t check my Hot Mail account as much as I used to when I was in college). I wonder, just who do I complain to , LOL?

Justin.Tv and selling pixels ~ old ideas redone

I have been seeing posts here and there on the net about a new site, and had to go and see for myself what all the hoopla was about.

What I saw, frankly both confused me and made me think. He has a ton of viewers on his site, while I was on there were 430 people viewing the camera feed he has on the site. The whole premise if that he *Justin* wears his camera all the time, all the time meaning bathroom visits, dates etc. At the top of his site is a clock which shows that this has been going on for 14 days and some odd hours.

I want to know what the heck is so interesting here? The comments on the website from the various viewers are sometimes pretty gross ( seems that its the MTV crowd who goes there most).

Now, that is funny…. I was the original MTV crowd way back in the stone age when it started.

So, I ask again…. what the heck is so interesting that this website of his has taken off?

Well, seems that someone spoofed Justin’s cell phone number according to techcrunch and called a stabbing into the San Fran Police Department, which lead to them storming his apartment , which thrilled the viewers it seems. Couple this event with a call about a fire, and now any emergency calls emitting from that number needs a confirmation before the various emergency departments respond.

I guess that the old adage of something only working once is not as true as I have thought, and you can revisit an idea, and its likely to take off again. Not that I am into wearing a camera 24/7, if my family did that, we would probably make the Osborne’s look like the Ozzy and Harriet show. And then I saw that the “Sell a pixel” program is alive and well in the form of this website –
At SiliconValleyPixels , they are selling one pixel for one cent, and they have already sold 145,500! Yet another old idea that is working again.

I suppose I just need to either get a better muse, or rethink an old idea………. be back when I come up with something 🙂

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