Ann Coulter nails Duke case

She has done it again, impressed me beyond belief ( u know it, I am so tired right now 🙂  In her latest post about the Duke Rape Case that was not, she brings up a good point, that these stories of the privileged being at risk lately for these kinds of accusations are on the rise. More


Ann Coulter is funny!

There was no other title I could have given this piece, and its true ; she is funny. I have been sitting here reading through her Archives and the pieces are the best. I don’t even care if I like all of what she is saying, she says it all with such flamboyance. I do not think she means to be this way but I could be very wrong * wont be the first time*.

Even her title are wickedly funny such as this one “So, three Muslims walk into a port”. See what I mean, hysterical. Did she do comedy on the side while getting her Law degree? Or is this comedic talent of hers God given?

I had prepared myself to read posts of hatred and meanness, as the sound bites over the last few years have led me to expect. Not so ladies and germs , this is one lady who is opinionated, and can sway most anyone with a brain to see her side in an argument. She must have been scary to the other sides lawyers during trials.

The weird thing is I am beginning to like much of what she is saying, and I really like that she doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her comments. She says what she feels with no fears, well none that she talks about anyway.

The post for January 3rd is really great, check out this title –  THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY: A VAST SLEEPER CELL
This article was written in a funny style, if I were her I would be afraid of getting “undue attention”. She seems to love to egg on everyone in Washington, but her main reason for wrath is the Democrats and to be honest with you, when she talks about what they have done in the past, I myself feel a distinct mistrust of them.

I think you will get a total kick out of her style, and also see somethings going on today in a clearer way. Anytime someone comes along who can make our problems seem more clear no matter how they deliver the news; its all good.

You are something else Ann Coulter, keep it up. I for one, will continue to listen to what you have to say.