Heard of AGLOCO?

I know I have referred to John Chow Dot Com a few times lately, but this is one post that concerns something I am really trying to do and that is make serious money from the internet. I do not really want to deal with fly by night scams, or typing for dollars, you can see my views on that on my page concerning working from home scams.

This post is about AGLOCO, something I have seen mentioned on Johns blog many many time’s, since I have his RSS feed on my google homepage. I wondered half hearted what that was ( I say half heartedly, because sometimes I think that I can never digest and do what he reports on his blog). Today, since I was spending so much time on his blog reading, I decided to look into what this AGLOCO was all about, and boy am I ever glad I did.

Some years ago, while I was in school at Eastern Kentucky University, I signed up for a program AllAdvantage. It was a search bar that you could use and be paid for how many hours of searching you did. It failed for me, simply because at that time I did not have a very good computer, and a terrible line to my house. And the fact that I was doing 18 semester hours, made my life a bit over done anyway.

Ok, back to my tale. Long and short of it, I never did anything with the darn program.

Today, I read in the various posts of John’s concerning AGLOCO, that this is the same old program all gussied up, or rather the same company with a new face. If you would like to know more about this program, I suggest you begin by reading all of Johns posts about AGLOCO, which you can access by his blog. I would suggest beginning with this post and working your way forward in time in his posts.

And if you want to see how well I manage with this , mosey on over to my other blog for the discussions – http://kystorms-odyssey.blogspot.com/. I plan on linking to this post and writing a page just for this program, I may even make pie charts! * I love pie charts*

So .. ya’ll come on over ya hear?