blurg has new info on Vanishing Point Game

The game seemed at first to be something new and fun to me, I love puzzles in this format. I was thinking it was like a treasure hunt of sorts ( remember that movie with Nicolas Cage, National Treasure, well that is one reason I am an Anthropologist, I love to find the hidden treasure)

Tonight, the blurg blog has new info on the Vanishing Point Game; seems the first puzzle was solved! I decided that since I have nothing pressing right now , I would go back to the main website for the game and see if I could figure this whole thing out.

I sat down and got all the Lat and Long coordinates for week 1.13 puzzle from the site and put them into Google Earth which was cool. More


Cringe, CES and Vanishing Point

Remember when we were little and played a game about phone tag? Well these days I play a bit different a version, I begin with one blog each morning ( Scobles of course) and then depending on what posts grab my attention I veer off course for a great days adventure into learning. I love learning, about all sorts of new and different ideas , what have you.

Today, Mr S was waxing poetic about techi stuff, and in the post The Coolest thing at CEShe mentions a really “cool” water show at the Bellagio in Vegas, so I clicked the link and off I went on todays adventure. I was lead to Paul Mooneys blog post about the water show, a video with his mentioning they were looking for the Vanishing point and would like to get ideas. Vanishing Point I say to myself, what is this about? And so I click the link, and off to interesting place number two! The Vanishingpoint game is something I have never heard about but the idea is really, well “cool”. Of course I signed up, even though it seems I am a few weeks behind, and may never win I love the idea of using my mind to solve puzzles ( explains why I do Genealogy :-). Give it a read, and a try!

The second blog I read everyday on my Google Reader is Paula Mooney’s blog, she always has a post to make me think. Because of Paula, I recently became aware of a new blog called Dooce. This lady has what I love to see in women ( sexist much? Yup) writers, honesty to a point. Her blog today was about a friend of hers , Sarah Brown whom she went partying with in New York recently. Sarah also blogs, imagine that 🙂 Her blog Que Sera Sera is about bringing your teenage years into sharp focus, publicly! Love it, absolutely love it!

The idea has morphed into the Cringe Book:


“We’re looking for brave souls willing to share their old diaries, journals, letters, notes, songs, poems… anything you wrote during the crushing misery of adolescence and then saved in a hidden box at your parents’ house all these years. Top secret no more.”

(above from

So,today was a creative adventure which I never expected to find, and glad I did.