North Korea, again with the threats, and 300 million Americans

If I have to listen to one more person throw threats at me and mine, I think I will scream. I have to wait each day to see who will be posturing on the news that morning, is “Been there done that”, oops, i mean Bin laden; or will it be Shortypants from North Korea? Ok Ok, so name calling is childish, i know…

I see that North Korea may in fact be readying for a second test, and that they feel the sanctions against them are an “Act of War”, oh brother.

In the San Jose Mercury News of September 17th, an article (which you can reach by clicking here) states that while Californians and the folks in Alaska might not have to fear a rocket from North Korea hitting them, but what about dirty bombs? Apparently, North Korea has a past history of “exporting armaments”, so their ability and desire to give this nuclear technology and waste material to terrorists is not too far fetched a possibility.

What does this mean to me? It means more watching CNN at 4 am, it means more explaining to my children that they have to be less violent,even when they see world leaders acting the fool. It means my world has gotten smaller…..again. And filled with more Americans as well. I saw on one news report a woman who was 105, talking about how it was so different today, less safe from even 10 years ago. She looked fabulous mind you, it was as if she were only in her late 70s from the way she spoke and related. I wish I was as coherent now. Can we handle this many people here? I don’t know, but I feel a bit strangled now.