Free Laptops creates furor in Blogworld!

Ok, a bit dramatic I admit, but still a pretty good attempt at those headlines of old, you know the headlines that screamed “War!” or “Aliens Invade Washington!”( oh wait that is just the new Congress).

One of the blogs I am making a habit to read daily is Robert Scoble’s Scobleizer. Everyday there are many interesting topics, mostly about computers, various software in use today and the newest in technology. I am a noob in all these areas, but I have a willingness , a deep desire to learn and so I read, and read and read….

Yesterdays posting I read concerned Microsoft’s having given some lucky bloggers a new laptop that were loaded with the new Windows OS Vista, in hopes of getting honest reviews. I say lucky because unless money drops out of the sky, I am not getting a new PC any time soon. And who would not want a crack at playing with Vista? I think it looks really cool, I know my opinion is not much but still, it looks like fun.

That was what computers were to me in 1994, when I got my first serious computer , I believe it was a Viper. I was able to do some desk top publishing, and if I had a modem I would have been able to sign on to the newest service, Prodigy. Wow, it sure seemed cool. I loved the Afterdark screensaver it came loaded with; Fireworks and colored lines. I used it as a night light 🙂

I eventually moved here, and attended school here, going for my my degree in Physical Anthropology. I needed a computer for school it was actually mandatory way back in 1996. Was I ever thrilled, a new NEW computer! I spent about 1200.00 plus for a really nice Acer. I cant recall exactly what it had on it, but to me it was heaven in a box.

I ended up going through many different desk tops, some store bought, some configured by my Dad. The one I am on now is such a machine. I love it, its just well; I have ram envy. No, that is no joke. I need, desire more ram- can never have enough ram as far as I am concerned.

Ok, back to my discussion about the free laptops. In Mr.Scoble’s post I Think Microsoft Vista giveaway is an awesome idea there were some who were seemingly okay with this action of Microsoft’s, and some who were decidedly not okay with this. I found the whole discussion to be totally absorbing, wannabe techie that I am. Its a great read so I suggest that if you are interested in the doings of Microsoft, you should visit. As a matter of fact, if you are new to this whole blog-tech world thing, you should get the RSS feed for Mr. Scobles blog! You will learn something new every single day.

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