an early vote question…. who do you think is the next President?

I am hearing so much about the different people running for President, that I wonder who will end up running the country into the ground next?

I would like very much to see who wants who, so if you are up to it, leave a post for who you want in the office in ’08 and a short reason why.

Who our choices are as of today –

Hillary Clinton

Barrack Obama

John McCain ( she shudders as she types…..ohhhhhhhhhhhhh 😦

Rudolph Giuliani ( YEA!!!!!!! My personal favorite)

Mitt Romney ( who?)

Tommy Thompson

The above are Repubs

Below are the Dems –

Joe Biden ( NOT LIKELY )

John Edwards ( nice man it seems, but I dont know if he can bring fear into a terrorists heart)

Bill Richardson (I like New Mexico, people seem to like to tell it like it is, I have to look into what he is for and what he is against before I say anything smart ass about him)

The we also have Newt Ginrich ( again, not sure if I can trust this one….)

Hillary Clinton ( like her more and more, did not before but I am seeing that she might be the strongest one in the bunch, the question I will have for her is, will you deal with US issues, take care of your citizens.

* I have just emailed Senator Clinton, given her my support. The reason I am doing this?  Please see my next post, about a show on Discovery Times that I just finished watching called 9/11 Toxic Legacy.*

Barack Obama- I do not know much about him, will have a wait and see attitude , however something about him makes me uneasy. I will be an open  person and wait until I have read his blog, which I just took a quick look at, seems well put together at least.

More later on the rest of the possible contenders for the throne. I will make sure to include everyone else websites/blogs as well.