Page Rank, who is the best in the field?

I have spend the better part of the day trying to learn about who is the big enchilada in the field of Page Rank and Analytics. It is what I am calling a ‘backwards search’ because I am learning it in reverse, make the blog then learn how to make it all it can be.

So far, my list obviously begins with Google Analytics. Why? Well, they have a really nifty set of reports and gadgets and do dads, not all of which I understand completely yet. And also because as we all know, Google is the Internet now, so they will always be the first place you turn for information concerning how well ones pages or blogs are doing on the Internet.

So, I have begun a test on another blog of mine, Odyssey. I am signing up for a few of the top tracking services to see how each works, and how they preform on my pages there.  I will be putting up my results in a week, of who was the most informative and correct.

This should be really interesting to see. I want to know who has been coming to my blogs, where they are from, why they come to read. I am so nosy 🙂


Making money with Adsense and your blog

Can it be done? While reading my daily blogs such as Paula Mooney ( trust me, you want to be following her blog closely, she blogs daily and has good information concerning monetizing your blog and doing it well!) I saw she posted about John Chow visiting her, WOW!

Now John Chow is said to be an Internet Mogul, and from the looks of his income from his blog, I would have to say, what ever he does it is definitely working! Enough of this scams for work from home, we need to be reading and re reading what John and others are saying, they are obviously doing it right.

I thank Paula for bring this back to my attention, and John for speaking in a easy to follow manner for us to understand. I also like that in this post of Johns, he shows what he did to obtain the income he has. He suggests that if you are a first time blogger just starting out that you begin with reading his posts part time blogging, full time income.

You can bet I will be spending my day off from school reading all he has to say, as well as keeping Paula’s blog in my Google homepage reader.