I want the iphone too! :-(

My my….. this phone is just so gorgeous! I saw the preview the other day on CBS morning show……. and I could not believe how badly I wanted that phone! Like… as bad as I want * no,lust after* the 32 inch LCD at the local store.

I normally laugh at folks paying high dollar for the tech goodies right out of the gate…. you know they will come down if you just wait, right? But when I saw all this phone could do, all it had………..my little heart just melted.

Video, my flickr photos…my music! What else does one need?

So, I am all about saving my money until I can afford, at 500.00 that is a tad pricey for me right now, but oh, if I could afford it now; I would have it sitting here on my desk instead of lusting over on the web,

Scobleizer has a post about being in line at the Palo Alto store along side some of the elite of the web (Zooomr. Smug Mug. TechMeme.) and there will be a podcast up later of conversations he had with Bill Atkinson, Apple’s first software developer. And you can check out Mr.S. Flickr page for pics of the line as well and his Kyte.tv channel, which sort of makes you feel like your in Palo Alto in line.

Other discussions on the topic of the iPhone ~

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Yahoo News – iPhone supply may not meet demand

just found this great video on Jason Calacanis website *Calacanis.com* about the wonderful, gorgeous, iPhone…

and the comments on this post are helpful to read as well…. always good to hear all sides about a product!

More when I have time to post here…….. now… back to my ‘other’ life as a fan of Jericho!

Don’t forget  by the way, that the show begins reruns of the first season on July 6th, and new episodes this fall ( date unknown at this time) , so come watch the show that the fans saved with nuts and a lot of love!


It’s Summer and the year is exactly half over………

Every single year, I say the same exact thing…….. where has the  year gone? Next Year I will be more prepared, slow it down, smell the roses … yeah, you know the deal because you do it too, don’t you?

This morning during my local news, the weather guy happily mentioned it being summer…. SUMMER! Wow, can’t get much by me can ya? I mean, I knew it was warm….ungodly kinds of warm, but the formal name summer did not enter my head yet.

I wish this blog was set up so I could use it for random bit*h fests , cause I have one building up in me big time. But I have been wisely counseled to take the high  ground, thanks ladies for that now I cant in  good conscious go ballistic with out feeling guilty.

That is what I get for having such smart friends.

I will say this though, if you are ever in a group setting, and think you have an idea that is great…. ask everyone before you make plans, put down roots with a domain name, and start getting funds and board members!

Oh, and the linux? Still running like a charm, just thought that I would say that 🙂 Vista user? Check Ubuntu out, I swear to you , you will never be sorry you did!

cya later peeps

The pure joy of Blogging.

It is Sunday, again. Really wonderful how these Sunday’s just keep rolling around back to us, all free of charge.

Sound like I am tad bit tired? I am, but its a good tired. I have been writing to all my blogs, keeping myself real so to speak. But there is this feeling like something is missing, and I am not really sure what it is. I remember why I began this blog. I wanted a place to put the real me, the person not too many people will ever get to know.

I think I have been successful, but lately the blogs have become sort of a job. Now, don’t get me wrong here… there is no income coming from any of them, well none that I wish to brag about. I mean ‘like a job’ in the sense that I have been saying ” I have to…” alot lately.

When I began this blog, everyday was a joy to come here and write. It was exciting to see how many folks had come to read * I was amazed when my post about the Bravo Channel Most Scary Movie’s took off like a rocket, and I still get people who come and read, almost a year later! * and I loved when someone left a comment. Interaction is great.

I am trying to see what it is that changed in my life that has made me not feel this joy so much any more. I know lots of people who do this in hopes of striking it rich, and boy would I ever love to make a living at this; but that is not what its all about. For me, its about this special place, my own place where no one tells me what to think or feel, or what to put down.

Hmm, makes me sound a bit childish, but then that is also part of the attraction. Blogging makes one almost ageless, unless we make a comment that shows our age * admitting a crush on Shaun Cassidy for instance*

Well, until that joy comes back in full, I am off again to see what has taken place at the CBS Jericho forums, and elsewhere.

Until I return, love one another ~ peace.

Watch free episodes of television shows like Jericho on the net

So I have been telling you on and off about my *other* love, Jericho, the best show on CBS (well, the best show ever IMHO) and the NUTS campaign we waged against CBS to stop them from cancelling Jericho. Well, in case you did not hear, we were successful and got Jericho back on the air! That’s right Jericho Fans, we start rebroadcasts of season 1 on July 6th. The way its going to work is that July 6th will be the pilot episode , and then on July 13th CBS will air the recap episode “Return to Jericho” and by episode 12, “The Day Before” back to back.

For the following Friday’s after CBS will air episodes 13 to 22!!! I am so psyched! No, I mean I am REALLY happy about the return of Jericho! I have a absolutely uncontrollable crush on Brad Beyer *who plays the adorable Stanley Richmond * and Skeet Ulrich, who plays our awesome hero Jake Green. Eye candy for sure.

And until the 6th of July, we fans can watch all the shows on CBS Jericho website for free, which is what all of us have been doing, since day one!

Free television shows are becoming the norm for the networks, its the way to get the show its fan base solidly built.

So, when ever I run across a website or blog that deals in free television that can be viewed on the net, I am all about getting the word out. I have never mentioned any before now, because I have never found a site that delivered them, until now that is.

Check out Watch Free Episodes, the selection is great. Love Everyone loves Raymond? Its here. Or are you a Starter Wife fan, check here for where to locate the episodes. Just into Biographies and Documentaries? Yes, you got it, check here! There is a great category list to choose from here, so I think that Watch Free Episodes will one day be the best place on the net to find the show you are looking for!

And if you are looking for the most recent info on what is happening with Jericho, check out Jericho~On~CBS.

peace my friends

Ubuntu Update June 14th

Well, I have to admit this right off the bat…. I have redone my pc a few times since I have been a solid Ubuntu user, but let  me clarify why.

Seems that there is a HUGE amount of learning to be done for things beyond the early steps one takes with using a computer. Feisty is a great setup, and 99 percent of what I needed was easily found in the synaptic area, or in automatix. But there were some things that needed tweaking, such as the real player so I could watch Jericho online , and I quickly found out one does not just set up programs willy nilly…. you have got to know what belongs where, and what will or will not work with what. Lots of whats huh.

I am still completely in love with this operating system, its all I could ever ask for and more.

But I need the damn book so I can learn how to move a file from here to there, or how to navigate to your different folders in the terminal, arrrrrrrrrrg that is driving me nuts. And I hope that for the next distro, I think its called; that they figure out a way to  upgrade from the CD without losing all your data.

What do I love the most about Feisty Fawn?

Ummm the eye candy takes the cake! I have so many choices on what I can have running for my desktop…… its mind boggling. Can you tell how much I love using Beryl? Even when that is off, my desktop is gorgeous!  Oh, and the music player Amarok…. too cool. It sets my files up for me all nice and neat and even gets my album covers, how cool is that?

What do I like the least about Feisty Fawn?

That they cant send me a free book 🙂 Yup, that is it.

Funny thing is, I sit here and work everyday on my most loved project * Jericho on CBS* and I wonder how in the world everyone who owns vista, that hard drive space sucking monster does not know about Ubuntu and if they do, why in the world are they still using Vista?

I worry about Vista users, I think they need intervention.

I will be popping in here as much as time allows me to, as Jericho is now more of my time than when it was cancelled. I am thrilled that my show is back, but now its up to us the fans to get this baby promoted to the folks who have not viewed before, and most especially to the Nielsen families.

I have a few thought rambling around about where I want this blog to go, I am thinking of asking a few friends if they would like to guest blog for me for a bit, it would be refreshing to not hear about Ubuntu or Jericho here I know.

I will be back in a day or so with some of my ideas, see you all then!

Owning more than one blog is NUTS :-)

Wow, I have been trying to like a crazed person to keep up on all my blogs, ever since the May 17th cancellation of Jericho by CBS. This whole move by the fans has been a awesome thing to be involved in. Imagine yourself swept away in a History making move like this? Its hard to let  go off, even for a few moments.

I find myself opening like 20 tabs in Firefox ( thank god for Firefox) just to have my blog Jericho~On~CBS open, the CBS Forums open, the various news blogs such as Find The Boots open, all to be able to be on top of any new information and what the flow of conversation is at the moment.

If you want to see history in the making, go on over to either my blog or the online forums, and if you are a fan, please join and help out!


And what is just as cool as this move I am involved in * and that I love so much* is the fact that I actually met another Ubuntu user, who was experiencing the same problems viewing Jericho on CBS site using real player as I was! I was able to get them over the Ubuntu boards for what I feel is a great community of help!

Speaking of Ubuntu, still love my box now…. I mean love! This is almost a religious experience for me now, LOL! Have you tried it? Want to get away from Microslave? Vista killing your machine? Go over to Ubuntu.com and try out Feisty Fawn today, you can either download a ISO and start right now, or you can order a FREE DISK which takes about three weeks to get. I recommend doing that, its better all the way around unless you are like a total geek 🙂

And yes, you read correctly, the whole system is FREE!! And the help you get from the community is also FREE! No call costs for Tech support, there are so many folks over there who are so great at getting you exactly what you need for what ever problems or questions you have. Also, its great that when you post about Ubuntu, other users will find you and help as well.