Godaddy is killing me here!

So- some time during the after midnight hours, the WP databases (??) at Godaddy went rouge. I can not access any of my blogs on Godaddy that run Word Press. And the biggest story to hit * Robert Scoble being taken off Facebook for trying to download his own contacts * is roaring through the web like a plains fire. Damn.

They initially told me at 7 am est that it would be four or five hours, but they did not expect it to be any longer….. uh huh. This time when I spoke to the Customer Service man, he said he could not give me a time frame for it being fixed, just that they are working on it. What kind of ticks me off is, the first call I placed to CS Rep at 7 am resulted in my having to delete some WP plugin’s at the mans direction…… now, if your going to be working in a Customer service area of a company, any company; seems to me that it would behoove ya to know something about your product your providing support for.

So, I wait… and I am missing readers who are seeing GOD KNOWS WHAT when they try to access my blogs. I dont even see any kind of landing page when I try to get into the blogs, they just hang and then a php download downloads and asks to be opened on my side.


edit @11:40 am –

Okay, did a small test because in my mind I am not entirely sure they know what is up with my blogs ( and supposedly other folks WP blogs) so I went and set up a new subdomain on which I put Word Press…. and it let me do it! Seems to me, if your having issues with a services you offer then don’t let folks upload the broken service until ya fix it!



Sunset on 2007

Sunset on 2007

Originally uploaded by Wiggum03.

Did I not tell you in many many posts, that ‘my’ city is the most beauftiful in the world? Look at the show Mother Nature gave just for the folks in San Francisco on New Years eve.
Glorious, and to think……… soon, very soon I will be home again *sigh* I am happy just thinking about it.

and yet one more gift from a dear friend…………

I got this from a friend on my facebook today………….


St Marys Lighthouse, Whitley Bay

St Marys Lighthouse, Whitley Bay

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I have had occasion in my life to know people, some were wonderful people that I simply met at the wrong time of my life, or were people who could have been friends if we had been on the same page.
I have never had “true” friends before, before now that is.
This picture made me think of you all, my friends. I sort of get my support, for my heart and soul from certain pictures ( probably nuts but its how I am drawn.)

To me, you my friends are my Light House. I have now a goal of going forward.
I do not know if you realize this, but this last week you all made me see God and his purpose for me so much clearer. I had been thinking maybe I was on the wide road, and that He might not have been ready to welcome me to my new life. But with each gift you gave, you showed me I am in fact in his presence, and will make it.
This is probably way corny to some, what I write here however I have to get it out and know of no other way.
You have given me so many gifts, smiles on my kids faces, peace of mind for a bit, but most of all you have given me you. And you have given me hope.
I love each of you so much, Thank you. And because of your wonderful way of reaching out to my family and I , you are all blessed in God, he has seen what you have all done and will never forget it, ever * nor will I *
God Bless you all.

Santa does really and truly exist…………

Just wanted to tell you all a small story, take it as you wish,but please understand this is no feel good, story made up, it is real.

Seems a small boy wrote a letter to Santa, mailed it with all the sureness in his heart, even tho his parents tried to tell him that maybe this year Santa would not be able to bring what he asked for. Now know this, this boy never asks for much, not expensive things but just things that he thinks are neat, fun to play with. He had faith, and his mother did not know how to tell him Santa would not be able to bring what he asked for this year, she was so worried about what she was going to say to him. He is a trusting soul, a loving kid. His brother and sisters are, but are older and so have a different take on this.

Well, seems that Santa did in fact get that letter, and my kids got the most wonderful surprise in the mail back from Santa. I wont get into details, but where ever you are Santa, you and your elves…. may God Bless You all the days of your lives, you are all truly angels.

I am so blessed, I have the worlds most wonderful gift, true friends. I will give up all but two things, my children and my friends.

Neopets – I am still waiting………… your customer service folks are not doing thier jobs

Well, my kids got one email from a support person at Neopets, that asked for far more information that is warranted via an email, so I emailed this person ( with my request for reasons of “all” my children being banned en mass. Still no reply back from yesterday, so I have sent yet another email to Emily……….. I will be waiting and recording their lack of response here.

It is a simple matter, respond to the email you sent my account, not hard nor time consuming. Oh, and update your phone numbers with the BBB, or provide a way for parents to contact you!

Neopets, the new evil monster to kids world wide…………

Okay, so not many times do I get involved in my kids private experiences online with what ever communities they are into, I make sure these communities are relativly safe, and then watch from a nice distance. My kids have been having a huge love affair with Neopets for a few months now, they have made multiple guilds, and had a great time making their monster pets, or what ever they are called.

Tonight, Neopets decided to cancel every one of my five kids accounts, for ambiguous reasons, without warning! Ever try to get a hold of them via phone or email? Well, in the Better Business Bureau dBase, there were two phone numbers listed, both of which are disconnected.  The only person named as a contact was one lawyer ( whose name I wont include here , for now).

So, this left me no choice. I hope that i get enough exposure here so that maybe one of the company people who were so swift to cancel a 9 year kids accounts ( along with all his brother and sisters accounts)  might just get their butts to contacting me here. I see this was nothing more than a way to take some kids money from their neo accounts, because my kids had alot of money in them.

You ( Neopets) can certainly afford to have sent warning letters to the kids before freezing their accounts on stupid reasons. I am their parent, and when I tried to contact you, you via your site made that IMPOSSIBLE to do.

Parents beware, this place sucks your kids into playing on the site, and then when the kids do well, they ( neopets) bring out little known rules or often no rules to ban the kids. Its not right, and its not fair.

I will be making sure to keep on this issue each day, until someone contacts me about this issue.

A very upset parent

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