Who is my favorite band of ALL TIME? Why, Zeppelin of course!

But it seems that even my Heavy Metal bands have gone to the dark side, the side where green is the new fan appreciation unit.

Seems that some folks made personal videos of the concert that Zeppelin had on Monday, Dec 10th in London. Personal remembrances, videos for the masses, folks like myself who will never get the opportunity to see them live in our lifetime. And, it seems that Google has decided that this is a no no and is systematically pulling these videos down.

Better catch this baby while ya can, Kashmir my personal number favorite of the band period.

They rocked, as I expected them to, and I can say that while I have few honest regrets in my life, not being able to have seen them live is certainly one of them. Led Zeppelin came into my life during the year 1978, while I was living in Iran. Think of it, your a teen living in a Middle Eastern country, its late summer and your listening to Physical Graffiti on your stereo. The sun is setting behind the Zagros mountains, the Mullahs are calling prayer, the smell of the desert washing over you, the song Kashmir takes you into the ether with its brilliance.

That moment, the first time I heard the song will forever remain with me. I can still hear the sounds, smell the scents of the bazaar, and I think I can recall what I was thinking at the time, even tho it was almost 30 years ago now. I recall crying for the moving way that this song reached into m y very soul.

So, while I am a bit jealous of the fact that some of you were able to get tickets, be in London and defy odds to see Led Zeppelin, I am still very very grateful that I was allowed my memories simply because they made this album.

I will always be a fan, more than a fan even if Led Zeppelin never tours, but oh, if they did how happy would so many people just like me be.


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