Dec 17th is 10th Anniversary of the word ‘weblog’.

Okay, so some where far far away in a distant galaxy of my mind back in my days at EKU, I recall sitting in the first floor computer lab in the library, some paper to do no doubt. And I recall quiet talk of “weblogs”, actually I do really think the word being used was ‘blog’ at that time.

I used my computer at home for one purpose really, to do class work; papers and the like. In the time when I was not doing class work, the computer was really only good ( to me, anyway) for one main thing, research. I was really high on Australopithecine research at the time, and I do mean high on it. I did not have a website, nor did I want one, not back in 1997.

Fast forward to the last year, and like some caterpillar I have come out of my cocoon and now own more than the normal amount of blogs, and even have a few websites in the making. Truth? I love blogs so much more than web sites, they seem more alive to me for some reason.

Scoble wrote on his blog he has been writing blogs for seven years now, but I would have expected that from him. He is , it seems to this outsider very prolific in all he does. He wrote also about where the term came from,who coined the term, one Jorn Barger, of Robot Wisdom and Mr. S. stated that the advice that Jorn has for those of us who blog is good advice that he himself follows.

Imagine my shock, to find out that “weblogs’ were not intended to be like the Chatty Cathy Dolls of the internet, where one can go from site to site, reading what people think and feel about almost every topic under the sun! Damn it, now what does the future of blog look like? A collection of links was the original intent, states Barger. Well this structure, if implemented on a strict basis would free up alot of net real estate wouldn’t it? But what would we be linking to? Other peoples links of links of well, you get the idea I am going for here. If that had stayed the structure of weblogs, now it would be like the hall of mirrors on the net, where we would all be looking into an endless list of links to………. nothing.

I am very thankful that ‘weblogs’, did not stay that way, that they in-fact became as one comment states on the post I linked to for Jorn:

That would be great if Weblogs hadn’t evolved in the last 10 Years … Now they are much closer to Web Journals than “Link Lists” and quite frankly they are all the better for it.  Read the rest of this comment here.

Yep, this is my weblog, my blog…. my on-line journal and it shall remain that way until the natural process of evolution begins anew for the net, lets hope I am paying attention early on this time. For the time being, I will let my other social services take care of remembering my links I like, that is what their job is.

Happy Anniversary Weblog, here is to the next 10! 


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