Neopets, the new evil monster to kids world wide…………

Okay, so not many times do I get involved in my kids private experiences online with what ever communities they are into, I make sure these communities are relativly safe, and then watch from a nice distance. My kids have been having a huge love affair with Neopets for a few months now, they have made multiple guilds, and had a great time making their monster pets, or what ever they are called.

Tonight, Neopets decided to cancel every one of my five kids accounts, for ambiguous reasons, without warning! Ever try to get a hold of them via phone or email? Well, in the Better Business Bureau dBase, there were two phone numbers listed, both of which are disconnected.  The only person named as a contact was one lawyer ( whose name I wont include here , for now).

So, this left me no choice. I hope that i get enough exposure here so that maybe one of the company people who were so swift to cancel a 9 year kids accounts ( along with all his brother and sisters accounts)  might just get their butts to contacting me here. I see this was nothing more than a way to take some kids money from their neo accounts, because my kids had alot of money in them.

You ( Neopets) can certainly afford to have sent warning letters to the kids before freezing their accounts on stupid reasons. I am their parent, and when I tried to contact you, you via your site made that IMPOSSIBLE to do.

Parents beware, this place sucks your kids into playing on the site, and then when the kids do well, they ( neopets) bring out little known rules or often no rules to ban the kids. Its not right, and its not fair.

I will be making sure to keep on this issue each day, until someone contacts me about this issue.

A very upset parent


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