Santa does really and truly exist…………

Just wanted to tell you all a small story, take it as you wish,but please understand this is no feel good, story made up, it is real.

Seems a small boy wrote a letter to Santa, mailed it with all the sureness in his heart, even tho his parents tried to tell him that maybe this year Santa would not be able to bring what he asked for. Now know this, this boy never asks for much, not expensive things but just things that he thinks are neat, fun to play with. He had faith, and his mother did not know how to tell him Santa would not be able to bring what he asked for this year, she was so worried about what she was going to say to him. He is a trusting soul, a loving kid. His brother and sisters are, but are older and so have a different take on this.

Well, seems that Santa did in fact get that letter, and my kids got the most wonderful surprise in the mail back from Santa. I wont get into details, but where ever you are Santa, you and your elves…. may God Bless You all the days of your lives, you are all truly angels.

I am so blessed, I have the worlds most wonderful gift, true friends. I will give up all but two things, my children and my friends.


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